Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

2018 Has Great Promise For Lord Gibson And Associates

Another year has come and gone, and 2017 showed many changes for Lord Gibson, both in life and in his companies.  Gibson transitioned both his personal life as well as business activities to Dubai, where he now enjoys the association with fellow entrepreneurs that share his core values and beliefs as far as business and development being able to change the world.  The relocation to Dubai was not accidental, as Lord Gibson sees large potential for his businesses in 2018 by targeting the area.  There is a large concentration of investable wealth in Dubai, being concentrated within areas that Gibson specializes.  The interest of investors in cutting edge projects within the tech space as well as real estate development and the expansion of renewable energy projects puts Gibson’s ideas into the right area, and the fact that there are large portions of the Middle East that are both able to exploit natural resources as well as being overlooked for some reason once again puts Gibson and his business creativity into play.  The combination of these aspects makes the Middle East a logical area of interest for Lord Gibson to target, and moving forward he will concentrate nearly all his efforts within the region during 2018.

Gibson has already relocated to Dubai as far as his companies and his associations, and is currently in the beginning stages of several high profile and exciting projects that will bring new life to underserved areas.  His partnerships will be put into play on these programs, and the expectations for success are high.

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