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Lord Neil Gibson Business Portfolios

Neil Gibson learned early in his career to bring in those who have harnessed the skills necessary   to create multifaceted companies and build a path to prosperity, which properly utilizes strategic partnerships.  This core structure creates a common connection between businesses that would not otherwise come together and can prove to be a powerful tool for growth.


Worldwide, LNBG Group is a privately held U.S.-based company that operates in many global marketplaces. We create capable strategic investment protocols for a stronger platform, cleaner portfolio programs, properties and acquisitions.

LNBG core business portfolios include:

  • Business Sectors (Energy, Real Estate, Finance, Infrastructure, Technologies)
  • Precious Metals Trading and Safe Keeping Certificates
  • Synergistic Private Equity Business Sectors
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Investments
  • Real Estate Services

Worldwide, LNBG Group builds alliance relationships with global industry leaders to enhance our own innovations and technological development, deliver outstanding financial performance, and build reliable solutions for our affiliates and business partners.


The Rock River Revitalization (RRR) is dedicated to the redevelopment of the Downtown River District in Rockford, Illinois. RRR program consist of the revitalization of a 5+ city block area of abandoned, unproductive and environmentally riddled buildings. The vision is to revive the area with a “City within a City” concept that will attract community activities, sports, entertainment, hotels, and business centers, cornerstone by a new renewable energy and smart building infrastructure that will support the growth area.

RRR will execute an ultra clean alternative energy and smart building infrastructure that will be the foundation for the growth area. The creation will execute the revival of the areas with urban lifestyle. The development includes a semi-high speed passenger’s railway from the RRR complex to (2) major international airports to downtown City of Chicago and back to the development. The overall project create 10,000 new job for the area community as well as a massive economic impact to municipal revenues for the next 20-years brought specifically through RRR’s ability to bring in new tourism, new urban living to a distressed area, entertainment venues and attractions.


Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition, is an innovative, high-volume manufacturing manufacturer with highly precise automated assembly and proprietary high speed intelligent machine inspection systems to assure meeting exact specifications, piece after piece. Servicing both U.S. Arm Forces, Federal Agencies and the Recreational Sportsman’s.

Saber’s large complex includes a High Tech Research & Development facility, an advanced technology prototyping and fabrication center, and a multimillion dollar Tactical & Firearms Training Center that includes special capabilities training, various close protection training facilities for federal employees, law enforcement, and contractors, and both indoor and outdoor firing ranges.


Lord Neil B Gibson will be joining C-Trade Group of Companies as the financial institution in the funding of all future projects of the Joint Venture.   C. Trade Group, Inc. is a privately held international banking and petroleum logistics / trading company, which has many National and International relationships, is part of the C. Trade Group. of Companies. The C. Trade Group of Companies has extensive holdings in the United States as well as in China, Latin America, Greece, and Bangladesh. C. Trade’s portfolio of companies specializes in international banking, biotechnology, hydrocarbon remediation, pharmaceutical research and production, water remediation, and automotive consultation services.

The CTBI has a unique market position based on its technology leadership and a successful growth and profitability strategy that is expected to lead to a substantial increase of revenues and profits in the first year of full production. CTBI is positioning to give a fast-track roll-out of products with the CTBI expertise. Production facilities in Georgia (Norcross, Augusta, and Milledgeville) will be producing bio-mass based end products while the site in Pennsylvania (Fairless Hills), Texas (Clarksville, Houston and Irving), and Canada (Alberta, Ontario) will produce algae based bio-fuel.