C. TRADE GROUP                                                                                    (www.ctradebard.com)

Lord Neil B Gibson will be joining C-Trade Group of Companies as the financial institution in the funding of all future projects of the Joint Venture.   C. Trade Group, Inc. is a privately held international banking and petroleum logistics / trading company, which has many National and International relationships, is part of the C. Trade Group. of Companies. The C. Trade Group of Companies has extensive holdings in the United States as well as in China, Latin America, Greece, and Bangladesh. C. Trade’s portfolio of companies specializes in international banking, biotechnology, hydrocarbon remediation, pharmaceutical research and production, water remediation, and automotive consultation services.

The CTBI has a unique market position based on its technology leadership and a successful growth and profitability strategy that is expected to lead to a substantial increase of revenues and profits in the first year of full production. CTBI is positioning to give a fast-track roll-out of products with the CTBI expertise. Production facilities in Georgia (Norcross, Augusta, and Milledgeville) will be producing bio-mass based end products while the site in Pennsylvania (Fairless Hills), Texas (Clarksville, Houston and Irving), and Canada (Alberta, Ontario) will produce algae based bio-fuel.