Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

From Dubai To Kenya

Lord Neil Gibson is a specialist in creating uplifting opportunities for those who have been placed in situations where they have little to no options.  Gibson practices a combination of business and philanthropy, essentially utilizing business to generate wealth in communities that have not been able to create it themselves due to situations beyond their control.  In Africa, Gibson utilized the creative use of shipping containers to move a population of workers closer to employment opportunities.  In other areas he utilized governmental and private industry partnerships to generate the infrastructure plans that would allow for progression to the exploitation of a natural resource in an area, basically creating profits for all after the completion of the project.  While these types of projects have been Gibson’s typical path, his latest efforts have been slightly different.  Even though he has been spending significant amounts of time in Dubai developing opportunities for people in that area, he has been moved by the situation in Kenya and has taken action personally.

Lord Gibson has traveled to Kenya recently in order to deliver humanitarian aid to the local population in the form of mosquito nets, powdered milk and medical supplies.  The local population is being taxed to the limits of their resolve due to overcrowding and a lack of access to clean water and food.  There are two refugee camps known as Dadaab and Kakuma on the Somalia border which hold 600,000 people, and the Kenyan government cannot afford to feed them.  If the camps are closed these people would be turned to the streets in the urban centers, making matters significantly worse.  Lord Gibson recognizes that the area must me stabilized before any plans can be implemented for future progress, so he urges his fellow entrepreneurs and philanthropists to get involved.

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