Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

A Holiday Message From Lord Neil Gibson

Happy holidays and merry Christmas to all from the Lord Neil Gibson and his entire team.  It has been an interesting year filled with ups and downs, and we have celebrated some of our most interesting and important projects of the last decade over the course of this year.  We have seen location changes, new and fresh areas that have become our primary focus, and changes of personnel.  With all that has grown and changed, the philosophy of Lord Gibson has remained the same.  The entire purpose of business is to improve people’s lives, from the shareholders and partners to the people employed by the projects.  When this is concentrated upon and put forward as the primary function of an organization, good things happen.

When Lord Gibson started his philanthropic work in Africa decades ago, he made the decision to use creative solutions to a problem.  He repurposed shipping containers into modular living spaces and was able to utilize a population of people who previously lived too far from a work site to be feasible as the workers, essentially creating an opportunity for them that previously did not exist.  He say how small and creative decisions like this one could dramatically improve lives, solving the issue of opportunity for the workers and providing a workforce for the business.  Development could be used for the common good, and ever since Lord Gibson has been putting the common good first.

This holiday season, Lord Gibson requests that his counterparts concentrate on philanthropic business endeavors like these in order to improve lives.  Profit are always going to be there to be had, but when business is used to improve people’s lives the world can be changed.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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