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The Kenya Humanitarian Crisis You Have Not Heard Of

In Kenya along the Somalia border, there are 2 refugee camps that are larger than any other refugee camps in the world. Dadaab and Kakuma are home to more than 600,000 refugees who have fled from civil was in nearby Somalia, and who have crossed the boarder into Kenya seeking refuge.  For the majority of these people, there is literally nowhere else to go as they have no hopes of survival in Somalia and do not have the means to travel to any other country.  For years, Kenya has been one of the most accepting countries with regards to refugees, however new attitudes towards them on behalf of government officials threatens their existence.  The Kenyan government has threatened to shut down the camps due to the ongoing economic burden they place on the country, and combined with a threat of terrorist infiltration they have been viewed as unsafe for quite some time.  With displacement would come huge issues, as the residents of these camps have nowhere else to go except back into Kenya as illegal aliens instead of refugees.  The majority of the citizens of the camps have little to no possessions of any kind,  and almost no ability to assimilate into Kenyan society in a meaningful way.  Due to the fact that Kenya is already considered by UNICEF as a humanitarian area in extreme crisis, this flood of additional people would prove disastrous for both Kenyan citizens and refugees alike.

Lord Neil Gibson has recently traveled to Kenya to survey the situation in order to formulate a strategic plan of action to help on his own.  While other organizations like UNICEF are also fully engaged in relief efforts, Gibson has mounted his own crusade to bring basic supplies to those in need.  This far, these supplies include but are not limited to mosquito nets and powdered milk.  There have been more than 20 confirmed cases of contagious disease being spread by mosquito in overcrowded areas, and Gibson’s efforts are designed to address these concerns first in order to help halt any potential pandemics.

For more information about Lord Neil Gibson’s humanitarian efforts in Kenya, stay tuned to this space.

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