Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Kenya and Nairobi: The Humanitarian Crisis

Lord Neil Gibson has always had a philanthropic interest in Africa, illustrated by one of his first public good project many years ago where shipping containers were repurposed in order to serve as living structures for those displaced by disasters.  Through his strategic efforts in that case, not only were living structures created and lives saved, but the modular nature of the installation allowed for potential workers to be relocated to areas where there were greater opportunities.  Gibson was able to not only provide aid but opportunity as well.

Gibson has now turned his sights on Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, where humanitarian crisis situations have existed for many years.  Due to ongoing political turmoil along the Somalia boarder, as well as a strategic isolation that prevents aid from reaching many citizens, there has been an ever increasing crisis that UNICEF has identified as one of the most challenging in the world.  A complete lack of basic services as well as access to food and clean water creates epidemic potentials that the United Nations deems as incredibly dangerous. More than 20 cases of cholera have been confirmed.

Lord Gibson has been visiting the areas regularly for the last three years in order to oversee effective transport of supplies including mosquito nets and powered milk to the citizens directly.  On a recent trip to the area, Gibson realized that the efforts of bringing supplies directly to the people are critical due to the fact that governmental issues and bureaucracy will many times interfere with the process and result in a lack of aid reaching the people.

Gibson plans to continue his direct philanthropic efforts in these areas, and encourages others interested in assisting the humanitarian crisis to do the same.  Grass roots efforts are necessary at this time to save lives.


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