Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

LNBG Investment LLC – Leading Limestone Mining Services

LNBG Investment LLC – Leading Limestone Mining Services

img_7214Every year, numerous companies worldwide turn out millions and millions of tons of limestone to bring in a multitude of construction assignments.
We at LNBG Investment LLC, mine and process limestone to the highest international standards of quality in Oman’s industrial areas. The quarry is located very close to the port, making transportation within and outside the Sultanate of Oman, smooth and easy. The ideal location also makes several methods of product transportation feasible and the plant’s proximity to the port makes shipping very convenient.
LNBG Investment LLC

LNBG Investment LLC is a proven leader in the limestone industry. The company traces its roots back to Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s vision and presently ranks as one of the leading limestone mining operations in the Sultanate of Oman. LNBG Investment LLC supplies customers with a complete line of calcium carbonate and lime products that meet their individual specifications. Using the most advanced extraction, processing and transportation equipment, LNBG Investment LLC extracts and processes huge tonnes of material while maintaining customer standards. The company does not just have an excellent product or service at its core; it also has a strong management backed by the expertise of Lord Neil B. Gibson to execute processes and a lineage to give it an edge over the competition. Strict environmental controls are exercised at every stage of the process to ensure minimal disruption to the environment.
The Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman has an abundant supply of minerals and metals such as zinc, gypsum, silica, copper and gold in addition to limestone. Further, the country also has a wide range of non-metallic minerals such as marble, which is exported in huge quantities. Lord Neil Gibson, owner of LNBG Investment LLC says, “We are proud to operate in Oman, one of the Middle East’s leading countries. We strive to be a world class integrated high-grade limestone producer, offering a sustainable supply of high quality and consistent and innovative products to meet both domestic and international demand.”
Vision and Way Forward
LNBG Investment LLC is committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of customers, creating a safe and rewarding working environment through best-in-class mining and manufacturing capabilities, surpassing relevant domestic and international standards and generating profitable value for shareholders.

“First and foremost, a successful business must have a sound knowledge of its market and work on how its product or service will be different, stand out and improve people’s lives. If you can ensure it responds to a real need in the market place, a business can punch well above its weight,” adds Lord Neil B. Gibson. At LNBG Investment LLC, we develop a sound knowledge of the market and then we work towards figuring out how our service will be different. Our brand appreciates what industries want and the values it represents include: quality, value for money, innovation, competitive challenge and fun.”

As demand for LNBG Investment LLC’s services increase through the years, the company continues to innovate and reinvent itself through the acquisition of new equipment and technology to accommodate expansion and meet growing customer requirements.

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