Lord Gibson On Philanthropic Work

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is well known globally for his business achievements, developing areas that have been previously overlooked and underserved and turning them into thriving economic players.  While most would probably assume that Gibson does this only for the profit, in reality his main motivation is actually the lives he can improve through his philanthropic work.  Basically, Gibson realized some time ago that the best way to further a project that has a philanthropic element is to attach it to the potential of profits for those involved.  Basically the good deeds that many people try to put forth will flounder and fail if the help of others is needed, provided that there is no motivation for them to complete the necessary tasks except for good will.  Attach the potential for profit to the project and those involved are more motivated to actually work towards success.  So while Gibson himself has the populations of the world in mind and how to improve their lives, he involves corporations and people who are looking for profitable ventures to partner with.  By motivating those involved in this way he shows far greater levels of success at changing people’s lives.

This premise started many years ago in Africa, when Gibson utilized shipping containers to move a population of workers closer to the resources that could be exported and thus created opportunities for the workers.  He applies this philosophy in all projects he approaches, to look for the ways that the people will eventually be able to succeed themselves from this endeavor.  Once in motion, the ability for those who previously had no opportunities takes hold, and true philanthropic work is executed.

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