Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson Addresses Slanderous Paul Collin Article (Unwanted Publicity Intelligence)

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been the target of numerous slander attacks over the years, originating from several sources.  At the heart of the majority of the falsified information that has been circulating online for several years has been an attack that came from a less than reputable business man who had attempted to circulate interest in a scheme to find a mythical treasure trove of gold hidden in the mountains of California.  Of course these claims never produced anything of value, and this stash of gold treasure has never been found.  What this attacker did do is solicit investment partnerships in exchange for an equity stake in any treasure recovered using a complex series of laws that may or may not legally hold up if any real treasure was ever recovered.  The main issue was not that this person was defrauding investors, but that Lord Neil Gibson exposed him as doing so.  This was met with a serious backlash that produced several websites that the attacker had constructed in order to defame Gibson in retaliation for his being exposed as fraudulent.  While these websites were ultimately found to be slanderous and ordered removed from the internet by a court decision, the attacking party first copied all information that was fabricated for these sites and distributed it to conspiracy theory websites worldwide.  While the majority of these websites have either been put out of business through legal claims or a complete lack of interest, several do still remain online.

The most significant issue for Lord Neil Gibson is a website called “Indy Media” that has been sued several times for distributing slanderous and false information about international figures.  The website was started by a Swedish hacker who was eventually jailed for fraud himself, turning the website management and ownership over to several parties in his absence.  These parties have done little as far as updating to the website, but instead simply keep the database of information functioning online.  Within this database is a lengthy article of information from an author known as “Paul Collin,” which is assumed to be a pen name that was used by the original author of the Gibson attacks.  Within this article, the author aggregates the majority of the slanderous information that was presented on several websites previously, placing it into a single text document that exploits the Google algorithm, causing this particular website page to be positioned at the top of search results for Lord Neil Gibson’s name.  The information in this article is completely false and was constructed for the purpose of defaming Gibson’s reputation, however since it is constructed in a way that utilizes keywords in a lengthy format with regards to the words “Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson” Google assumes the information to be appropriate for positioning with regards to that name.  This situation presents the information at the top of results, higher even that Gibson’s actual websites that distribute news regarding his activities and company issuances.

Lord Neil Gibson urges only the use of valid and vetted sources with regards to research into his business practices.  For the sake of debunking false information, the Indy Media article is copied below, with commentary regarding the statements made within.


Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson International Fraud Spy Of America’s Secret Government

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence | 19.05.2016 21:11 

Computer tab-runs off-of the secure computer server of Neil Benjamin Gibson’s phony offshore cyber-bank was being mirrored by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank displaying multiple bank accounts for him as he went around the world defrauding people out-of millions based on their belief he was ‘officially authorized’ to redeem legacy era Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note Bonds worth billions when in-fact he was a spy for the United States government entrapping people into ‘his personal business frauds’.
RESPONSE: Complete and utter falsifications designed to sound as though there is some connection between Lord Gibson and the Federal Reserve.  Why would the Federal Reserve Bank mirror Lord Gibson’s “cyber” bank accounts? There is also no truth whatsoever that Gibson was involved in any “1934 Federal Reserve Note Bonds” redemption.  The final sentence is ludicrous….that he was “in fact a spy for the United States government” and also “entrapping people into personal business frauds.” Spies for the US government are in the business of gathering intelligence in foreign countries for the use to the government…..how would this activity involve “personal business frauds” even if it were true?

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson with an Im in Pakistan
Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson with an Im in Pakistan


Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson obtained his ‘title’ of “Lord” by purchasing a delapidated shack piece of real estate, which ‘automatically bestowed’ that ‘title’ ( “Lord” ) transferrable by the ‘previous property holder’ to whomsoever gained its ownership so, ‘Lord’ Neil Benjamin Gibson’ was able to use that title, however ‘not’ because of ‘royal blood lineage’; just owning the ‘real estate’.

Let everyone call him by his ‘birth name’, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, because for decades he’s been defrauding thousands of people around the world by not only his phony title ( Lord ), but because he and his conniving predatory business practices result in his cluent’s losing money, real estate, and other items of value based on corrupt schemes.

Neil Benjamin Gibson is really ‘bad news’, he is ‘a sure ticket to prison’ for anyone he comes in-contact with who doesn’t play ‘his game’, which clandestinely happens to be the ‘United States of America federal government international spy fraud game’, and the U.S. government has secretly given him Carte Blanche to do whatever he wishes, say whatever he wishes, and forge whatever documents he has – even naming the Federal Reserve Bank in-addition to various foreign government country seals, plus more – so as to be cleverly convincing.

How do I know? I have color copies of his manufactured documents plus computer tab-runs ( See Attached Image Documents ) off-of the secure computer server his offshore cyber-bank saw mirrored by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of multiple bank accounts as he went around the world defrauding people out-of millions based on their belief he was authorized to redeem legacy era Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note Bonds ( multi-coupon type securities ) with face value amounts totalling up into the trillions of false securities, but ‘why’ would so much be spent to gather so many false financial instruments unless some were ‘real’. Who would believe grandiose face values of such Federal Reserve Note Bonds? I believe a few that are reviewing this e-mail know as do I.

Like most, I hate being deceived and led to believe something that never materializes, and one matter that sees blowback coming are for those who don’t pay for special services as agreed after rendering become global embarrassments – only one ( 1 ) problem child of the U.S. government is being addressed in front of a Special Agent and a few members of the legal community and general public too.

I do not believe that U.S. government contract operative Neil Benjamin Gibson encountered any delays in being paid for what information he turned over about people so, why should I be treated so invidiously by the U.S. government? It doesn’t matter anymore because it simply doesn’t matter. Right? Maybe not.

Here ( below ) is private intelligence findings and decades of research information surrounding the nefarious affairs of “Lord Gibson” who recently presented himself as a multi-millioonaire philanthropist and “humanitarian” businessman while targeting countries of Pakistan, Africa, and other countries throughout the Middle East, however only a ‘few countries’ are named ( below ).

Let us study more carefully this deceiver Gibson and his dunderhead associates also named within these bits and pieces of information to assist other people in avoiding financial losses and ruinations of their reputations because they were convinced to do business with the phony Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson.

RESPONSE:  There is really little that needs to be said with regards to the above statement.  It is simply the ramblings of a person who believes that there are international conspiracies circulating that the US government is behind.  


Neil Benjamin Gibson ( NBG ); also known as,
Neil B. Gibson; (aka)
Lord Neil B. Gibson ( LNBG ).

Neil Benjamin Gibson is, according to:

– ‘Reports’ ( since 1998 ) indicate Gibson has been operating around the world for a long-time ( 14-year duration ) as a fraudster, con artist and thief woth government immunity from prosecution or civil reprisals; and,

– ‘Those familiar with his operations’ understand him to be a Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) foreign national operating globally under a “business agreement” with U.S. federal government intelligence authorities.

– –

Name: GIBSON, Neil Benjamin
Passport ( UK ) No: 701553204

THE GIBSON TRUST ( Nassau, Bahamas & Pompano Beach, Florida, USA )
4081 N. Federal Highway, Suite 110A
Pompano Beach, Florida, 33064, USA
TEL: 954-788-2881

19 Royds Lane
Rothwell Leeds
West Yorkshire LS26 0BE

– –

P.O. Box 2934

Secured Accounts

Tab Run Date: April 7, 2008

Account Name ( Below – All Named ): NBG CORPORATION ( Agoura Hills, California, USA )

Account Beneficiary ( All ): Neil Benjamin Gibson

Account No: 877391700 ( Available Balance: $4,576,309,611.34 billion USD )
Account No: 877391700 ( Pending Balance: $450,000.00 thousand USD )
Account No: 877391700 ( Pending Transfers: $17,500,000.00 million USD )
Account No: 877391700 ( Transfer Credits: $813,538.00 thousand USD )
Account No: 877391700 ( Fees Due: $13.48 USD )
Account No: 877391700 ( Interest Rate: 26.3% );
Account No: 877391701 ( Available Balance: $3,874,882.42 million USD )
Account No: 877391701 ( Pending Balance: $15,000,000.00 million USD );
Account No: 877391702;
Account No: 877391748;
Account No: 877391749;
Account No: 877391750 ( Pending Balance: $3,000,000.00 million USD );
Account No: 877391751 ( Pending Balance: $25,887,190.00 thousand USD );
Account No: 877391752 ( Pending Balance: $0.00 USD );
Account No: 877391753 ( Pending Balance: $0.00 USD ); and,
Account No: 877391754 ( Pending Balance: $0.00 USD ).

[ NOTE: All aforementioned accounts were ‘fictitiously arranged to appear worldwide’ by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco through their Los Angeles, California office. ]

Agoura Hills, California

Name: GUTIERREZ, Percival Gerard (aka) Percy Gutierrez

P.O. Box 2934

– –

Circa: 1998


– FIRST UNION LTD. ( Nassau, Bahamas & Nanuet, New York )
– THE GIBSON TRUST ( Nassau, Bahamas )
– NBG CORPORATION ( Agoura Hills, California, USA )

Passport ( AUS ) No: E7027028

– FIRST UNION LTD. ( Nassau, Bahamas & Nanuet, New York )

– –

Circa: 2013


Neil Benjamin Gibson Terrorist Fraudster Spy
by, Paul Collin

January 4, 2013 10:42:22 a.m. ( PST )

USA, California, Los Angeles – January 4, 2013 – Nothing gets my blood boiling more than when U.S. foreign and domestic spy programs are designed to make unwitting victims of U.S. military troops upon their return, and to my knowledge this is the first set forth by U.S. federal government foreign operatives operating with ‘immunity’ within America to arrange such be done with U.S. troops.

Information has been presented to me, and upon my personal experience and unique awareness of certain global financial intelligence ( FININT ) matters, I must report the following:

Upon U.S. military troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, programs supported by the U.S. government to “Help Veterans” as well as private-sector sponsors too were put in-place, however a foreign national fraudster who for decades has worked for the U.S. federal government as a Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) is involved with a scheme targeting U.S. Veterans being reintegrated back into the civilian workforce so, I have to ask for what purpose such a diabolical program would be put in-place when the U.S. federal government Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation allows one of their most infamous global undercover foreign national operative fraudsters to begin targeting United States American Veterans as they begin seeking work in America today.

This specific foreign national terrorist fraudster spy ( i.e. Neil Benjamin Gibson ) used by the U.S. for decades now is also known as Lord Neil B. Gibson whose relatively recent foreign operation involved the little known about U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Secret Recovery Program operating as though to be in global search of legacy era Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note Bonds ( coupon type certificates ) displaying face value amounts ‘on each certificate’ from between $500,000 ( thousand ) each and $1,000,000,000 ( billion ) each stuffed into ‘engraved metal boxes’ ( 250 Bonds per ) of between 6 to 12 ‘metal boxes’ per much larger engraved ‘metal chests’ denoting content claims from a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank ( e.g. Dallas, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; Richmond, Virginia; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ) amounting upwards into multiple ‘trillions’ in U.S. Federal Reserve Note Bonds accompanied by convincing provenances claimed as kept secret from many.

The same type of legacy era U.S. Federal Reserve Notes that were seized in June 2009 in the Chiasso, Italy border-crossing train stop headed into Switzerland that several individuals have reported about – from Bloomberg News to FOX News and Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( the now-defunt website ) to Kyodo News Agency ( Japan ), former FORBES Asia-Pacific Rim ( Tokyo, Japan ) Bureau Chief Benjamin Fulford ( now hosting the Benjamin Fulford Cafe Blog Forum ) to the website Devine Cosmos host David Wilcock and another individual Neil Keenan releasing what is believed by some to be inside information about such Federal Reserve Bank Note Bonds and global trading plus more.

The latest U.S. government trap, on our own troops at home, was recently uncovered operating in-conjunction with foreign national ‘financial economic terrorist fraudster’ spy Neil Benjamin Gibson partnering in yet another group scheme, as follows:

– NEIL BENJAMIN GIBSON ( also known as );
– LORD NEIL GIBSON ( also known as );
2505 Anthem Village Dr., E-341
Henderson, Nevada 89052 [ a Greater City of Las Vegas suburb area town ]
TEL: +1 (702) 539-4070 [ Nevada, USA ]
WWW ( Photo Image ):


TEL: +1 (310) 929-7322 ( Los Angeles, California, USA )
E-MAIL: DanielPearlson@Gmail.Com
WWW ( Photo Image ): http://www.daydraholdingsgroup.com/images/Daniel.jpg

[ NOTE: SEQUENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. ( former President ), YOUBET.COM ( former Vice-President ), NASA DRYDEN FLIGHT RESEARCH CENTER ( former Security Advisor ), and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Program / DHS ( former Threat Sensing Development Technologist for nuclear, biological and chemical analysis ). ]


DayDra Plaza Building
4001 North Perryville Road, Suite H
Rockford, Illinois 61111


E-MAIL: DayDraPhil@Gmail.Com
WWW ( Photo Image ): http://www.daydraholdingsgroup.com/images/Phil.jpg


WWW ( Photo Image ): http://www.daydraholdingsgroup.com/images/gary.jpg



[ NOTE: former Finanical Analyst ( 1982 ), and Catholic Religious Theologan ( 1997 – Louisiana, USA ). ];



[ NOTE: U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation / FBI ( former Senior Special Agent on FBI DEA Task Force and more – 1981 – 2009 ). ]











– –

Circa: 2012

SOURCE: BusinessWire.Com

News Release

November 26, 2012

Handels Securities And DayDra Holdings Group Announce Partnership To Form Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition ( SUPA )
by, HANDELS SSECURITIES LTD. ( via Business Wire News Releases )

HANDELS SECURITIES LTD. and DAYDRA HOLDINGS GROUP announced today a partnership to form:


Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition will introduce the highest-quality ammunition in the industry, at high production levels, and at relatively low costs.

Using a new purpose-built automated manufacturing and inspection facility, proprietary advanced technology high-speed robotic inspection systems, rigorous quality standards, and the highest-quality components.

SUPA will straddle both precision and standard supply markets.

The new multi-million dollar facility will have a high production capacity to complete ‘government contracts’ as well as anticipated consumer demand.

A study, of the projected economic result of SUPA business activities, conducted by the Nevada Office of Governor Sandoval – values SUPA potential in excess of $165,000,000 million in economic stimulation to state and local communities. SUPA is part of a State of Nevada economic diversification program.

SUPA will incorporate ‘sophisticated tactical training facilities’ and a ‘shooting range’ to host various State and Federal Law Enforcement Training ( FLET ) exercises and programs, as well as ‘private-sector and corporate tactical training’ programs.

SUPA will largely be comprised of ‘former military personnel’ [ Veterans ]. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, of HANDELS SECURITIES LTD., explained:

“We have been working closely with the State of Nevada Governor’s Office as well as the Nevada Development Authority ( NDA ) in 2012.

Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition ( SUPA ) will create more than 500 jobs over the next 3-years, and provide U.S. Veterans ‘in-particular’ with ‘important career opportunities’ starting in 2013.”

Philip Pritchard, Chairman of DAYDRA HOLDINGS GROUP, added:

“We are cooperating, with the:

– “Hiring Our Heroes” Program ( U.S Department of Commerce / U.S. Department of Homeland Security ); and,
– HirePatriots.Com ( organization ).

In preparation of hiring, U.S. Veterans, with the skills SUPA will need.

We’re looking forward to offering our people outstanding career growth opportunities.”

Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition ( SUPA ) is one of several new partnerships, between:


Offer U.S. Veterans outstanding career opportunities.



Handels Securities Ltd. – led by Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson since its inception in 2010 – is a registered Belize International Business company licensed by the International Financial Services Commission ( IFCS ) to transact and practice in three ( 3 ) primary areas of banking services.

HANDELS SECURITIES LTD. participates with:

– Commodity Derivative Financial Instruments;
– Other Securities [ Notes, Bonds, Stocks ];
– International Money Transmission [ FOREX Currency Trading ]; and,
– Safe Custody Services [ Respository Vaults ].

It is overseen by the Belize IFCS and is a licensed Switzerland Trust [ Handel ] company.

Handels Securities’ expertise strengthens interactions with investors through its client relationships and capital markets platforms.

For additional information, please visit Handels Securities’ website at:



DayDra Holdings Group LLC

DayDra Holdings Group is a privately held U.S. based company that operates domestically and overseas in global markets.

We create, develop, own, and manage our projects, programs, and acquisitions as well as provide contract management expertise and
advisory services.

DayDra straddles synergistic business sectors to achieve superior financial results while improving the economic and natural environments as well as community safety and security.

DayDra projects span several sectors including:

– Construction;
– Civil Revitalization;
– Energy Generation ( environmentally responsible and sustainable, hydrogen fuel cell technology power generation, e.g. Tanner Integrated Energy Company – Tanner, Alabama );
– Internet Services;
– Security and Tactical Systems;
– Technology;
– Technology Services; as well as,
– Commercial Enterprises ( Other ).

For more information, visit:

WWW: http://www.daydraholdingsgroup.com


Contact: Daniel Pearlson
TEL: +1 (310) 929-7322
E-MAIL: DanielPearlson@Gmail.Com



– –

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

Secret Federal Reserve Note Bonds Recovery Program ( 2009 – 2010 report ):


Secret Federal Reserve Notes & Bonds (1934 – 2009 images ):


– –

Marquis Bank Prive ( Fiji Islands ) –

Circa: 2009


– –

Circa: 19SEP08


– –

Marquis Bank Prive

Affiliate Bank: FSI BANK –

WWW: http://www.fsibank.com

– –

Marquis Bank Prive –

Circa: 11FEB11


– –

Circa: 2011

Neil Benjamin Gibson continues his Marquis Bank Prive website hosting platform ( Phitu.Com ) for his Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson ( LNBG ) website as he
appears as a gambling casino boxing promoter.


– –

Marquis Card


Marquis Bank Card


Marquis Financial
Fiji Islands




– –

SOURCE: Bizapedia.Com

This information is current as of July 24, 2012.

Status: Revoked
Filing Date: 21JUL10
Entity Type: Domestic Limited – Liability Company
File Number: E0368802010-5
Filing State: Nevada ( NV, USA )
Company Age: 2-years, 6-months
List Due Date: 31AUG10

Registered Agent:

2505 Anthem Village Drive, E-341
Henderson, Nevada 89052



– –

The record ( below ) clearly outlines the extensive criminal activity surrounding global affairs of this U.S. federal government Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) foreign national intelligence operative Neil Benjamin Gibson, as follows:

From the Republic of Liberia ( where he represented himself as the United Kingdom British Consul thereof on counterfeited government stationery ) while operating an offshore bank in ‘cyber-space’ claimed as based out-of actually a mail-drop in the Fiji Islands ) he represented controlling the entity MARQUIS BANK PRIVE secretly through a computerized mirroring technique using the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, California through its Los Angeles Branch Office director Robert Davis to money-launder over $27,000,000 ( million ) in-to and out-of Neil Benjamin Gibson accounts controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve System used against U.S. location victims whom were defrauded out-of millions of dollats as a result of his U.S. federal government sanctioned financial fraud operations while showing to these victims ‘official’ looking stationery signed by Robert Davis of the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles, California Branch Office naming him as being authorized and holding special immunity while being under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), Immigration Customs Enforcement ( ICE ), Financial Crimes Group, Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ) Special Agent Nicholas Jones ( also known as ) Nick Jones, as follows:

– –

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence post at KYC News

In RE: Neil Benjamin Gibson and Marquis Bank Privé

Circa: 2009

Marquis Bank Privé (aka)
Marquis Bank Prive
P.O. BOX 2934
CONTACT: Neil Benjamin Gibson (aka) Neil B. Gibson
CONTACT: Percival Gerard Gutierrez (aka) Percy Gerry Gutierrez

– –

Circa: 2010

SOURCE: Marquis Bank Privé ( Lautoka, Fiji Islands )

Lord Gibson chairman of the Alder Group of companies, the Gibson Family Trust and also of FIRST INTERSTATE GROUP [ See Above ], a diverse multinational business empire.

He is a man of grace and charm with an incisive mind, a gift for leadership and a deep and active interest in the arts. By nature quiet and retiring, he is wonderful company and a born raconteur, choosing his words with effortless precision and delivering them in a voice that is soft and unusually melodious. He has a discerning eye for architecture, gardens and works of art. But, his great love is for business and international finance for developing nations.

There is also a strong streak of determination in his character and a steely impatience with bluster or humbug which make him a formidable negotiator.

As a chairman, he had few equals, using his natural gifts in both large gatherings and around a table to steer discussion, defuse tension and win support with the skill and elegance of a professional.

All these gifts he provides to his family organisations, prominent in the worlds of both business and the arts, which he served and led with notable success through turbulent years of social and political change.

Neil Benjamin Gibson was born in 1963 to parents ( accomplished community leaders ) who met while studying in Yorkshire.

He might have pursued a career in music, but instead, after college, he chose to follow his ‘father as a stockbroker’. This proved unfulfilling, but the world political instability intervened and, as for so many of his generation, it determined the course of his life.

In 1998 [ See Below ], he was commissioned into the diplomatic corps [ British Consul ] and fought against the insurgence in West Africa [ Republic of Liberia ].

Two years later [ 2000 ], ECOWAS stabilized and the leaders of several countries extended their gratitude by honoring him with full diplomatic resolution and he resigned his post [ Republic of Liberia – British Consul ] to the United Kingdom.

Following his tenure with the Foreign and Commonwealth diplomatic corps, Lord Gibson returned to England [ United Kingdom – UK ] and has regained control of his family trust and was bestowed his title as Lord of the Manor of Wheldrake and Warter Priory.

Lord Gibson has carried on his family tradition of philanthropic community services, residing as High Lord of the Knights Templar.

Lord Gibson has developed and nurtured many business and political allies around the globe, which encompass the members of his companies.

Through creative investment strategies and the help of well established businesses, Lord Gibson is able to maintain the ALDER GROUP of companies.

This multinational group is comprised of financial
institutions, technology, communications and global

The ALDER GROUP of companies is recognized internationally for its’ ability to conduct business in regions of the world which most multinational firms are limited by their founding domiciliation.

These groups of companies provide much needed infrastructure for developing nations which are usually amidst local and international instability or sovereign control.

His lordship thrives on the challenges set forth by the circumstances which are usually outset from a level of control.

Once again, following in his fathers footsteps to help make the world a better place by improving quality of life.

Lord Gibson resides on the board of both private and public sector companies and is a true community developer.

His demand for increased world economics sets him apart from an average business owner which is only interested in bottom-line profits.

The ethics which he brings to the public-sector [ government ] creates a rule of standard for many to follow, as well as complete accountability.

His lordship is a governing member of several boards of trust for the arts, community development and social welfare all without compensation.

– – – –

SOURCE: Nevada Annual Report ( INENVI LLC )

This information is current as of January 6, 2010.

Secretary of State
Corporation Commission



Status: Active File Date: 27FEB09

Entity Type: Domestic Limited-Liability Company File Number: E0105622009-3

Qualifying State:

Annual List Due: List Fees Due: $125.00 (Estimate)

Managed By: Managers Expires On: (Perpetual)
Entity Age: 1-year, 5-months

Registered Agent:

John T. Moran III Esq Pc
630 South Fourth Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

No Par Shares:
Capital Amount:

Neil B. Gibson – Manager
2505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E-341
Henderson, Nevada 89052

– – – –

Circa: 2009

SOURCE: Jordans Business Information Services ( Jordams Limited )

Basic company details for:

Registered Number: 06852605

Registered Office:

19 Royds Lane
Leeds LS26 0BE

Incorporated: 19 March 2009

Status: Live

– – – –

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

[ NOTE: Legal Letter of Advisement ( below ) ]

MARC BIEDERMAN – Attorney at Law
22048 Sherman Way, Suite 212
Canoga Park, California 91303
TEL: +1 (818) 347-2121
TEL: +1 (818) 917-8735 ( cellphone )
FAX: +1 (818) 347-9113

May 19, 2008


Re: My Client’s: Graciela Tetangco, Gualberto Medalla

Dear Sirs:

Please be advised that I represent the above clients with regards to recovering funds that they have in accounts in your bank.

The following are their account numbers:

1. Graciela Tetangco Account Number: 877391700

2. Gualberto Medalla Account Number 877391748

The funds that are deposited in the above accounts are funds from the redemption of various FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

These notes which belong to Graciela Tetangco were given to Neil Gibson for the sole purpose of redeeming with the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.

Mr. Gibson was not given power of attorney to handle the money from the redemption.

I am sure you know Mr. Gibson because he and his associate, Percy Gutierrez – consulting director of your bank – have convinced my clients to deposit the money they are entitled to in your bank.

Please be advised that under no circumstances was Mr. Gibson authorized to have his name on these accounts or have these accounts linked to any of his accounts.

My clients can only access the account to see the balances but since the funds are blocked they can not withdraw the funds.

If in fact these funds are blocked I would like to know the reason for the block and who is responsible for authorizing you to block the funds preventing my client’s access to their money.

If in fact the funds are blocked they should be blocked from permitting Mr. Gibson from accessing and transferring the funds out of the accounts of my Client’s.

You are to cease permitting Mr. Gibson from accessing those accounts and transferring the funds to another bank of his choosing.

If he has transferred the funds from the accounts of my client’s account I suggest you have those funds returned.

Mr. Gibson has expressly told my clients that ‘the funds in those accounts are theirs and said funds were the result of the proceeds of the sale of Federal Reserve Notes’ belonging to Grace Tetangco.

Mr. Gibson has ceased communications with my clients and has refused to respond to my representation letters.

It appears that ‘Mr. Gibson has redeemed these Federal Reserve Notes’ and with the assistance of Percy Gutierrez, your consulting director, intends to ‘defraud my clients out of money that belongs to them’.

Both Mr. Gibson and your consultant Percy Gutierrez have told my client’s that ‘the money in your bank belongs to them’.

My client’s have demanded that the money in the above accounts be transferred by wire to my Attorney/Client Trust Account at Bank of America.

Please contact me on my cell +1 (818) 917-8735 so I can give you my bank coordinates.

My client’s have checked the balances on these accounts which are in their names and they want the funds wired into my trust account forthwith.

My client’s never authorized Mr. Gibson to join on any account they opened or did they give him any power of attorney to access their funds.

If in fact you refuse to wire the money into my trust account that legally belongs to my client you are exposing yourself to ‘civil liability’ and possible ‘criminal prosecution’.

Please contact me so we can discuss this matter.

Very Truly Yours,

Marc Biederman

– – – –

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

Circa: 1998

SOURCE: DejaNews FinanceNet: Home of the International GovNews Project


Subject: H.Y.I.P. – False Railroad Bond Programs List [ http://mailgate.supereva.com/gov … 00040.html ]

Neil Benjamin Gibson (aka)
Neil Ben Gibson (aka)
Neil B. Gibson (aka)
N.B. Gibson (aka)
Lord Gibson (aka)
Lord Benjie (aka)
Benjamin Neil Gibson (aka)
Ben N. Gibson (aka)
B.N. Gibson

DOB: September 1963

Passport ( UNITED KINGDOM ) Number: 701553204

Residence History ( partial ):

Oak Park, California ( USA )
Thousand Oaks, California ( USA )
Agoura Hills, California ( USA )
San Diego, California ( USA )
Beverly Hills, California ( USA )

– –

Relatives ( unchecked ):

– Beuk B. Gibson
– Cami L. Gibson
– Don E. Gibson
– June P. M. Gibson
– Kathleen D. Gibson

Businesses ( partial ):

THE GIBSON TRUST ( registered in Nassau, Bahamas )
4081 North Federal Highway, Suite 110A
Pompano Beach, Florida 33064
TEL: +1 (954) 788-2881

19 Royds Lane
Rothwell Leeds
West Yorkshire LS26 0BE

Agoura Hills, California

2 Landsdowne Row
Berkeley Square
Mayfair W1J 6HL
TEL: +44 (0) 207 543 77

Neil Benjamin Gibson associates during the 20th Century ( below ):

– Richard Gelles
– FIRST UNION LTD. ( Nassau, Bahamas )
– THE GIBSON TRUST ( Nassau, Bahamas )
– NBG CORPORATION ( Agoura Hills, Calif. )
– GENEVA UK SECURITY COMPANY ( Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM & Agoura Hills, California, USA )












Marquis Bank Privé (aka) Marquis Bank Prive logo.jpg


07APR08 Marquis Bank Privé (aka) Marquis Bank Prive accounts page 1.jpg


07APR08 Marquis Bank Privé (aka) Marquis Bank Prive accounts page 2.jpg


Neil Benjamin Gibson (aka) Neil B. Gibson (aka) Lord Gibson.jpg

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It is my intent to see this scoundrel Neil Benjamin Gibson and all his fraudster cohorts removed from all U.S. federal government domestic and foreign operations permanently because he poses great risks to the citizens of the United States of America.

I cannot detail in what fashion, other than reporting about this, except to say that this type of unchecked U.S. domestic spying operations infiltrating U.S. organizations where America military troops may likely be convinced to become involved in such
global fraud operations as unwitting victims sucked-into believing they are only going to work for an “ammunition” company – when in reality it is far more treacherous entity they and their loved ones will realize no peace or happiness from because its operations are the very essence of domestic clandestine activities that tear apart the fabric of our homeland we all seek a peaceful existence living within.

Let this notice be spread far and wide so as to diffuse another U.S. government operation gone mad that is festering on our doorsteps like barrels of rotten apples poisoning more and more people and their families whom are unaware of all the details why Neil Benjamin Gibson means nothing but trouble for anyone associated with his sordid affairs.

If anyone wants to research Neil Benjamin Gibson further it is becoming more and more difficult to review the ‘truth’ behind his global investment deceptions because the United States government is removing information and evidence about Gibson off the internet by paying him to hire lawyers to file lawsuits against anyone speaking out to warn others.

I would highly recommend performing an internet search using Google.Com and YouTube.Com to see just ‘where’ and ‘who’ this government-sanctioned con-artist is currently preying on throughout the world.

Cordially submitted for your review and best interests by,

Paul Collin
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

The above article blends actual information on the business affairs and public information regarding Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson with complete fabrications that use little in terms of actual organizations to appear true.  The majority of the accusations use falsified government agency names to avoid federal prosecution, due to the fact that if actual government agencies were listed it could be pursued in federal court as impersonating a government agency.  For this reason, the author is careful to use names that sound like actual agencies, but in reality do not exist.

While it is unfortunate that this type of information is available on websites that are ultimately presented on Google for review, it is something that cannot be changed at this point.  Until the time when Google creates a system for vetting truthful information, we will need to simply respond to the allegations made within official forums representing Lord Gibson.  This official document serves to do so, and any request for information can be made directly.

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