Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson – Fighting The Good Fight

There are many people who would simply back down to adversity and ruthless and unfounded attacks by individuals who are attempting to bring them down, but Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is not one of them. Over the course of the last few years, Gibson has endured a barrage of attacks from sources who believe they have compiled some evidence of improper activities via “stuff they read on the internet,” going as far as to force legal action on more than one occasion as the attacks are so unfounded and false that they cold potentially threaten legitimate development projects that impact the lives of thousands of people in underdeveloped nations. The reasoning behind why someone would want to spend their time creating untruths and distributing them on the internet, for no other purpose other than attempting to destroy the work of a legitimate business entity, remains undiscovered. What does remain constant is that as long as a person attempts to pursue philanthropic endeavors that will also make money for investors, there will be those who feel the need to slander them.

The latest person to come to light in this situation is a man named “Drake Bailey” who runs several sensationalist, false news outlets from his home in Chicago. Due to the fact that it is easy to distribute information on the internet via a website, the validity of “news” has come into play in recent years, with the actual facts being less relevant than ever and the story itself being shaped by the audience calling for blood. Mr. Bailey is this very type of “news hack” who claims to expose improper activities on the parts of the United States government and those associated with it. The issue being that a website like “Wikileaks” utilizes information garnished from interior sources to spread potential truths, while websites like Mr. Bailey’s simply make up stories and post them under the heading of “news.” In reality, these types of stories have no more credibility than those in the National Inquirer, but the unfortunate fact is that they are posted under the guise of truth, and therefore believed by the uninformed.

Mr. Gibson has viewed the postings of Drake Bailey, and in most cases has absolutely no idea about what is being accused. While the name “Lord Neil Gibson” is involved, there is literally no other actual connections between Mr. Gibson’s business or personal activities and those described in Mr. Bailey’s articles. It is difficult to stop someone who is delusional from making up stories about you, but Lord Neil Gibson continues to fight the good fight, distributing factual and relevant ongoing information about his business dealings and personal travels on his websites. Readers are encouraged to utilize these sources for actual and factual information about the ongoing projects under Mr. Gibson’s guidance, and to ignore the ramblings of Mr. Bailey as what they are, the desire to draw attention through false controversy. Mr. Gibson assures us that he will continue his philanthropic and charitable work as he always has, and will not be dissuaded by the attacks of those who wish to bring him down.

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