Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson gets Married in Lake Como

8th of June is a significant date for many reasons for people around the world. It is a day of liberation in several countries. On this day in 1789 James Madison introduced a proposed Bill of Rights in the US House of Representation while in 1975 Australia showed itself to be a more tolerant society when they legalized homosexuality.

It is also a date that is important for female empowerment. In 1929 Margaret Bondfield became the United Kingdom’s first female minister, taking up the role of Minister of Labour, while in 1978 Naomi James became the first female to sail around the world solo, setting a new fastest time for the route whilst doing so.

It is also a noteworthy date in the world of entertainment, as in 1984 the classic comedy movie Ghostbusters was released.

All of these milestones, the great, the important and the more trivial, are of note to Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson as he feels passionately about equal rights for all (and Ghostbusters is one of his favorite movies.)


The 8th of June has taken on a new significance for Lord Neil however as this will forevermore be the date of his wedding anniversary. Surrounded by family and friends, with the stunning Lake Como and Alps as a backdrop, Lord Gibson said “I do” in a personal ceremony before enjoying a night of Champagne and dancing. It was a stunning day and one which will live long in the memory of all those in attendance.

It was a glorious day in the stunning grounds of Villa Balbianello and love was in the air for Lord Neil Gibson and his beautiful bride. The stunning 18th century Villa has been the location for the James Bond movie Casino Royal as well Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones and the stylish and exotic of these movies was in evidence at this location once again for the nuptials of Gibson.

Another significant fact about the 8th of June is that it is Best Friends Day and Lord Neil feels truly blessed to be lucky enough to have married his best friend. Best wishes to Lord and Lady Gibson in their future together.

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