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Lord Neil B Gibson utilizes several websites to distribute official news and information about his businesses and projects. These websites will all have the words “Lord Neil Gibson” in the URL in one form or another, with the primary websites being this one and lordneilgibson.com. There are no other “official” websites for company and personal news, although there are several other websites that also operate in an ancillary capacity to provide information that is not directly tied to Gibson’s business activities. In addition to these websites that are operated by Gibson, there are several other websites that have been constructed expressly for the purpose of spreading false information about Mr. Gibson and his projects.

Every business person will have rivals and potentially even enemies who are attempting to elevate their own interests by bringing another person down. Such is the case with Lord Neil Gibson, who was attacked several years ago by a person who had a legal battle pitting himself against Gibson regarding the claim to a gold speculation business. The falling out was escalated to criminal slander when this man created several websites that portrayed completely falsified information about Mr. Gibson, in an attempt to create doubt with regards to his reputation. Gibson relies upon his ability to structure partnerships that are often based on trust, and by compromising his reputation the attacker realized he could harm Gibson’s business at it’s very core. A legal battle ensued that resulted in the attacker being forced to not only remove the websites, but to remove the content that he had created itself. The content was deemed slanderous by a court order, and the attacker was forced to comply.

The issue became complicated when the attacker then utilized others to continue spreading the false information. Through a network of “conspiracy theory” websites, the information that was ordered removed by the courts resurfaced and was mirrored across many websites. Although this is in a direct violation of the court order, the information now being distributed across a network of websites that was “unaffiliated” with the original attacker, enabling the information to be presented without a connection to the original author. This made tracking down the owners of these websites quite difficult, and also made legal measures difficult to pursue.

If a researcher Googles “Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson” they will find results that mix the official websites with websites that are mirrors of the attack information from years ago. This is quite unfortunate because it confuses those attempting to do legitimate research on Gibson, providing information that is not authorized or accurate. These websites show up in high positions on Google due to the sheer volume of links back to them from other websites, and for no reason that is directly connected to Lord Gibson or his businesses. For this reason, Lord Gibson requests that researchers considering partnerships consider the source of the information, and if any presentation of information seems potentially wrong that they contact Mr. Gibson or his representatives directly for explanation.

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