Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson signs deal with Imperial Capital LLC

April 29th was a significant day for Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and LNBG Investment LLC as on that date Lord Gibson signed contracts with Imperial Capital Investments LLC. This multi-million Dollar deal is in relation to land, owned by Gibson in The Bahamas, totaling over 700 Acres.

The land in The Bahamas was purchased by Gibson several years ago and is further proof of his entrepreneurial spirit and his uncanny ability to see potential where others may overlook. This particular piece of land has a storied past, having once being owned by Michael Jackson prior to his death in June, 2009 but is now ripe for development and Lord Gibson is excited about what is coming in the very near future.

This development will be a massive boost to the Caribbean island which is still struggling to recover from the confusion surrounding the 2017 mega storm, Hurricane Irma. Whilst The Bahamas was more fortunate than other parts of the Caribbean, it’s hotels were largely open for business again within a week of the Hurricane passing though, it is still suffering indirectly from confusion and fear amongst tourists who are unsure which islands got hit the worst or are possibly even afraid of the potential of further super storms in the future.

Gibson has been working tirelessly to broker a deal with a well know international group and this recent agreement with Capital Investment LLC, who are licensed by the UAE Central Bank, will greatly assist the deal as they are guaranteeing the funds required. At the time of writing negotiations remain ongoing and as such not too many details can be announced. However, as progress is made and more details can be released Lord Gibson will make sure to reveal all.

The massive investment and construction that Neil Gibson is striving for will send out a beacon to holiday-makers around the world that The Bahamas is indeed open for business and should give people the reassurance needed to once again make the island nation the destination of choice for luxury, relaxation and recreation.

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