Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson Announces “Coffee Is Ready!”

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson might be more well known for his residential housing development projects or his infrastructure builds in foreign countries, but the diversification of the portfolio of his company LNBG LLC continues to grow with his newest project, “Caffe’ Momenti.” The project, now in the development stages, plans on bringing a new concept in coffee culture to Europe and The United States, and is being dubbed “the world’s future coffee bar.” The concept marries the coffee bar and deli industry, bringing a unique sampling of coffee and food to customers within an environment that is completely unique in the modern foodservice world.

The philosophy of the company can be summed up in the mission statement “Our philosophy is one that if you offer the best product, along with the best service at the best price possible, people will keep coming back.

Our main objective is to be of service to customers at all times, hence every attempt will be made to identify their needs, to customize the service we offer, and to offer the most cost-effective and best competitive coffee and food, so that our customers will also benefit.

Caffe’ Momenti plans to expand its services to other regions through franchising. This will be done through proper market intelligence, identifying competitor pricing structures and conducting field analysis, whereby we will offer the best services in situations where our competitors are weak.

We only serve the best Italian coffee “Molinari”. Furthermore we intend to supply other stores and restaurants with our coffee. Molinari Coffee is not a new kid on the block it has been roasting coffee beans in Italy since 1894 and creating their own blend from only the best selection of Arabica beans.
Caffe’ Momenti is not just a Coffee Bar; it is “the ultimate Italian experience”. With a wide selection of coffees, we also have a fresh deli counter serving only the best Italian Panini, as well as, mouth-watering pastries.”

The main focus of the concept is people “on the go”, and the target market is unique. It incorporates the “Fresh” and healthy side of brunch and offers the public something different, as opposed to most coffee shops and restaurants. The lunchtime experience is a totally different concept to the “norm” that most people are accustomed to. Because of the the focus on the “authentic” Italian, the project goal is to keep it simple.

Lord Neil Gibson summed up the new project with the following statement, “If you want Italian, then you go to Momenti. We provide, great food, great service, and great coffee at prices that are very competitive and attractive to people, without them feeling the “pinch”. We offer the best coffee, deli meats and cheeses. The best Italy has to offer.”

Information and ongoing developments to this project and others will continue to be provided through this website and associated press releases.

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