Lord Neil Gibson Announces Engagement To Orla Stephanie Burke

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, the internationally known philanthropist and business mogul, has officially announced his engagement to marry Orla Stephanie Burke.  Gibson made the announcement via a statement to the press on Tuesday.

“It is with great joy that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, announces the engagement of him and his soon to be new Wife, Orla Stephanie Burke. The wedding will take place of June this year in Lake Como Italy which is very appropriate considering his fiancé Orla who is from Ireland. She and her family come originally from an Italian descent. Orla is a International world traveler and a Successful business owner. She works in the beauty industry and caters to the prestigious rich and famous. She is currently working in the Middle East but not limited. She consults the Globe internationally.”

Lord Neil and his new fiance are currently working in the Middle East with a primary focus on areas surrounding Dubai, and are both involved in innovative and exciting new projects that will be developed over the course of 2018.  Both Gibson and Burke will be taking time off from business interests in June to celebrate their marriage and begin the process of planning their new life together.

The team at LNBG LLC and all the associated partnerships and strategic personnel within the Gibson ecosphere  wish Lord Neil and Orla all the best in their new lives together, and look forward to the philanthropic and business projects that are born from their union.

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