Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson, From Belize To Dubai

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson is familiar to many who have been directly impacted by his projects, but may be less familiar to those who are considering involvement. For those who do not know him, Lord Gibson is a multi-national development philanthropist who has spearheaded successful projects all over the world to the benefit of both investors and partners as well as the overlooked communities that have been served. This combined philanthropic/business model involves not only accurate identification of areas that can be helped, but also accurate negotiation among the potential partners and officials that will structure meaningful relationships that will benefit all.

Gibson’s projects involve development of areas that are both overlooked and have an exploitable resource. He scours the globe looking for areas that may be rich in resources but have difficulty capitalizing on those exportable goods through a lack of mechanization or infrastructure. There are communities of people living in poverty directly on top of resources that could make them wealthy, but with no way of actually achieving that goal due to the overwhelming projects that would be necessary to get to that point. There may be a need for roads and bridges in order for trucks to carry the materials harvested from remote locations, and these roads and bridges do not exist due to a lack of cooperation between local governments and foreign investment companies interested in developing the area. Gibson uses his skills as a mediator to bring the necessary parties together in an understanding that everyone will benefit if progress is made, and that foreign investment in exchange for a stake in the eventual wealth to be had will uplift the underserved community in many ways. For example, the simple access to work where there previously was none can transform a community itself, providing wealth that can be reinvested in community growth by patronization of support businesses. At the core of community growth is the resources that are not being exploited, and Gibson teaches how to accomplish that goal to everyone’s benefit.

Lord Neil Gibson has recently targeted Dubai as his next business location, due to a desire to harness Dubai’s greatest resource, capital. As one of the wealthiest countries on earth, Dubai holds a large amount of potential investors who would enjoy making a difference in people’s lives while still making a profit on their investment. Through leveraging their capital and desire, Gibson partners the appropriate investors with those in need of capital for development projects, solving the issue of access to capital as a result. Coordination with those who are interested in projects and the human resources necessary to facilitate those projects along with the funding necessary to make it all work is the key to success, and Gibson knows how to manage the process. His past projects in Africa and Belize stand out as a blueprint for getting the correct people in the room to discuss how to make something work. Once everyone is on the same page and shares the same goals, all that is necessary is to secure the correct partners to execute each aspect of the development. The future is bright for the areas surrounding Dubai, and Lord Neil Gibson is part of it.

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