Lord Neil Gibson Celebrates The Holidays In The UK

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, the internationally known entrepreneur and business mogul, proudly celebrated the holidays to end 2017 surrounded by friends and family in Leeds.  Gibson closed out a successful 2017 that had seen many changes to both his personal life and his businesses, most notable being the relocation of the majority of daily functions to Dubai.  In the Middle East, Gibson plans to roll out a new phase of his development and incubation business LNBG LLC, with a primary focus remaining on real estate development and business incubation, but now venturing out into the technology and renewable energy sects.  Partnerships with Ali Cloud Investment LLC will enable Gibson to further expand his reach in the Middle East, as Ali Cloud is currently a well established and respected investment firm with deep roots in these spaces.  While the Middle East is known primarily for fossil fuel speculation, and Gibson plans to utilize the development portions of his industries to expand into untapped regions with fossil fuels in mind, Ali Cloud will share Gibson’s new focus on renewables like solar and wind.  In addition to the obvious applications and wide open space for new innovations withing these sectors, there is also the broader tech sector that is currently being explored for exciting new opportunities.  Of primary focus within this space will be exploring new concepts within block chain development for international finance.

Gibson took time off at the end of the year to concentrate on friends and family in England before resuming operations in 2018.

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