Lord Neil Gibson Enlists Partnership With Venetian Enrico

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and his associated companies are pleased and excited to announce their partnership with Venetian Enrico.  This partnership brings about a new level to the associated development and real estate projects that Gibson is embarking, and will solidify an existing gap with regards to interior design of luxury residences and professional spaces.

About Venetian Enrico
Venetian Enrico, An Italian interior design company recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in all kinds of furniture & interior solutions. Our portfolio displays classical elegance and modern creativity, and is engraved on our classic, contemporary, modern and office furniture collections. We also have innovative solutions for doors, walls, floors and ceilings.With our presence in Venezia, Milano, Dubai & Lagos, we are able to cater all kinds of residential, hospitality and commercial projects worldwide. We also supply for project/contract orders. Our vast experience in the furniture and interior solutions gave us confidence to handle any type of projects, very easily & professionally.

Our furniture range is broad in style variations with something to satisfy all discerning customers, developed through focusing on simple elegance, the use of natural materials and exceptional design.  This company’s ethos embodies professionalism, creativity and the pursuit of good taste.  These are the significant elements which have ensured the name Venetian Enrico is recognized globally as synonymous with excellence.

Venetian Enrico is expected to be tapped on numerous upcoming development projects that are slated to be originated over the course of the next year, particularly in coordination with another Gibson partnership Ali Cloud Investment.  The combination of groups brings forth a powerhouse of development ideas that will provide a new meaning with regards to luxury residences and professional spaces not only in the Middle East but also the rest of the world.  Projects are expected to begin in Dubai where both Gibson and Ali Cloud Investment have put forth an aggressive interest, and through the funding as well as access to designers like Venetian Enrico, are projected to create premium real estate concepts that will set the standard for many years to come.  Watch Lord Gibson’s websites for additional updates on the Venetian Enrico partnership, as well as other developments.

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