Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson: A Las Vegas Businessman With Big Plans

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a businessman from Las Vegas by way of the U.K., and who has been instrumental in several projects in foreign nations which have resulted in the betterment of the lives of local citizens as well as the improvement to the bottom line of investors. Gibson specializes in development projects which aim to target the exploitation of natural resources in untapped areas of foreign countries. The actual resources that are being targeted for potential export from these areas varies, but the unifying element between the majority of Gibson projects is the concentrating on development of an infrastructure within remote or poor areas with which a working population can be sustained.

The general reasoning behind a lack of viable development within an area that has been known to be rich in a natural resource is the cost or organization of resources to develop a living situation that is viable for a working population within the area. The resources may be there, but the infrastructure is lacking, and therefor the actual mining or processing of the resource by a local community has not been moved forward as a project. The general stumbling block is that the basic infrastructure has not been put into place that can be expanded and built upon, many times due to lack of cooperation between local governments and foreign investment companies who have only a single vision. If the roads, hospitals, medical facilities and housing are not there, then the company that specializes in the actual extraction of the resources backs away from projects in the area as the creation of these necessities is not their specialty.

Gibson utilizes his Las Vegas base as a point with which to correspond with foreign investors and create strategic plans for an area that is targeted. Areas such as Belize, African nations, and the Middle East have all been in play as potential development targets. The first step in all plans is a generalized and speculative plan for the area that is presented for review to the local officials or government in order to prove that the project has viability through the cooperation of companies under Gibson’s management. The access to funds, equipment and expertise in multiple areas of development as opposed to a single specialty in the extraction of resources is what makes Gibson’s projects so different and interesting to the governments of these areas. They have been overlooked and ignored by others due to the fact that they have not put basic services into place, yet basic services being in place relies on the very types of efforts that are necessary in order to move forward. The catch 22 leaves the areas undeveloped, even though they might have access to exportable goods that could make the area quite wealthy. Gibson and his partners see the long picture in that they need to use the resources at their disposal to create the infrastructure first, at that point being able to put the local population to work. Once the ability to export is created, the building of wealth for the area follows.

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