Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things: Lord Neil Gibson

Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things: Lord Neil Gibson awarded honour by The Knights Templar of Britannia

Recognising Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things, the Knights Templar of Britannia is an organization dedicated to fraternal friendship based on honour and integrity. Popularly known as the Hereditary Knights Templar of Britannia and founded in 1118, The Knights Templar use sacred geometry and symbols in their ceremonies and rituals, and believe in the brotherhood of mankind. Fraternal friendship is their code of life. Until today, The Knights Templar of Britannia live by the same spiritual code of Honor: ‘Do the Right Thing, Be Honourable at all times’.

A member of Knights Templar of Britannia, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is undoubtedly deserving of this title and honour. Why? Because he has had a long history of blending business with philanthropy and bringing transformative change to the lives of those who have had little opportunity. This, he does, by identifying of areas throughout the globe that have exposure to natural resources or capital, yet which have not had the ability to progress to a level that would allow for the exploitation of these resources. In many cases, this is due to lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges, housing and education that would support large scale mining, manufacturing and processing and in turn push the community past basic modernization and to a point of industrial progress.
Honoured with the title of Sir Knight Neil B. Gibson, Lord Neil Gibson was born in 1963 to parents who were accomplished community leaders and met while in Yorkshire. In 1998, he was commissioned into the diplomatic corps and fought against the insurgence in West Africa. Two years later, he was honoured with full diplomatic resolution and following his tenure with the Foreign and Commonwealth diplomatic corps, Lord Gibson returned to England and regained control of his family trust. At this time, he bestowed the title of Lord of the Manor of Wheldrake and Warter Priory.
Lord Gibson has carried on his family tradition of philanthropic community services and resides as Sir Neil B. Gibson of The Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia. In recent years, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has concentrated his business efforts through an entity known as LNBG LLC, where he explores business relationships and to bring projects that might have been stalled due to lack of traditional funding back to life.
A forward-thinking social investor, Lord Neil Gibson works towards mobilizing more capital for investment than would otherwise be available. In the process his companies have generated rich opportunities to fund projects that fuel economic growth and improve people’s lives. Bridging the relationship gaps that exist between many localized governments and foreign investors, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson draws from his extensive network of partners to bring the right players to the table, offering eventual ownership stakes in developed industries in exchange for early participation. By offering returns to different kinds of investors, this new approach to structuring closes the financial-social return gap and makes philanthropy an investment, just like debt and equity.
In Dubai, Lord Neil Gibson is putting the pieces in place within the local area in order to procure a source of future funding of development projects which will provide living to local populations.

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