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Lord Neil Gibson Personal Achievements

With a diverse set of accomplishments, Lord Neil B. Gibson is currently the acting chairman of a group of companies, which consist of a diverse conglomerate of domestic and international business entities.

Born in 1963 and following in his father’s footsteps as an investment banker, Neil Benjamin Gibson learned by his father’s example while studying in Yorkshire, England and was able to see his father as an accomplished community leader; which became a true passion for Gibson.  He quickly discovered that the many facets of the banking and the financial industry contain the components needed to offer financial solutions for underdeveloped communities in many nations.  Such underdeveloped, nations are often overlooked by the majority of the “financial giants” who currently exist.

Project Lesotho, is one of Mr. Gibson’s endeavors which he holds very dear to his heart, which included his team of private entity partners with the sole commitment of enhancing the Kingdom of Lesotho, situated in South Africa. With a group effort, the impact and goal was intended enhance Lesotho’s transportation, utilize the natural resources of the region and elevate the standard of living.  Project Lesotho and the vision created the blueprint, which allowed Mr. Gibson to carry the vision for his work in Belize.

In 1998, Mr. Gibson was commissioned into the diplomatic corps and fought against the insurgence in West Africa.  Finally after two years of pursuing the unattainable, stability was accomplished.  Many leaders of the different countries honored Mr. Gibson and granted him full diplomatic status and he resigned his post to the United Kingdom.  After working with the Commonwealth diplomatic corps, Lord Gibson returned to England and has regained control of his family trust.  He managed and operated the family business, while in England and was given the title Lord of the manor of Wheldrake and Warter Priory. Lord Gibson continues to carry on his family tradition of philanthropic community services to this day, and also serves as a Knights Templar.

Lord Neil B. Gibson has been the leader behind many political alliances as well as business ventures throughout the world that have provided the foundational structure which has been the driving force behind numerous business and political allies across the world.   The companies are maintained through creative investment strategies and the support of established businesses.  Comprising of financial institutions, communications firms, technology leaders, and global philanthropists and are recognized globally.

The very structure of the business and foundation that Gibson has built upon has been his ability to conduct business in regions of the world which most multinational firms are limited by their local governments.  Mr. Gibson continues to find that the challenges set forth by this kind of philanthropic business follows in his father’s footsteps, and makes the world a better place by enhancing the quality of life for the underprivileged.

Sitting on the board of both private and public sector companies, Mr. Gibson utilizes his positions within such entities serving the abovementioned under served. As a strong believer in holding people accountable for their actions, there is a divide in which Gibson sees as his greatest asset in making and creating the push and demand for specializing in all aspects of business. A demand for increases in world economic levels through finance separates him from the typical businessman  who only sees profits as motivations.