Lord Neil Gibson Philanthropic Outreach

Generally, business is thought of as the generation of profits, and philanthropy is the desire to change the world using financial assets. As mentioned and in trailing in his father’s path, Lord Neil B. Gibson is a community leader and philanthropist who attempts to make a difference in the world by providing strategic assistance and direction to underdeveloped communities and nations.

Mr. Gibson’s philanthropic efforts are quite diverse and varied in their approach.

The SEED foundation, since it’s conception in 1998, has been working to improve the lives of needy families through economic growth of the regions served. In the course of Mr. Gibson’s relationship with the project there has been access to project funding mechanisms, which have been developed. Accesses to these mechanisms are available only as an accommodation for philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. The results have led to successful conferences and the real potential to achieve reduction of sovereign debt at the World Development Bank through a specific applied structure.

Lord Neil Gibson served West Africa from 1998 through 2000 as the Ambassador at Large, where he brought relief items to those in need. A partnership was founded with Firestone Tire Company, who owns a major rubber plantation in Liberia where they ship rubber to the United States in large shipping containers. Mr. Gibson pioneered the idea that it would be possible to round up those shipping containers when they arrive on U.S. soil, at which point they could be filled with clothing, computer supplies, and other relief items desperately needed by the poorest of communities in West Africa.

In Lesotho, South Africa, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson struck up meaningful connections with the government there, and has worked very closely with the king and his brother. The partnership has proven to secure the ability to work with the Twin Peaks Investment group to rebuild Lesotho’s economic infrastructure, effectively bringing a new lease on life to this troubled nation.


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