Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Philanthropy and the Holiday Season

Most people who are aware of him or his projects understand that Lord Neil Gibson is a philanthropist who is interested in changing the world for the better.  His attempts to make the world a better place for all who live in it will generally involve the combination of business practices with an emphasis on how these practices can uplift people.  While charitable donations and giving are certainly a positive thing, Gibson strives to use creative solutions to develop more long term plans.  The phrase “give a man a fish he will eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime” applies to nearly everything that Gibson does.  Generally he looks for ways to develop opportunities for people, so they can themselves work towards becoming more independent.  This will most times involve profit making industries due to the fact that in order to receive the help and dedication to the projects that is necessary for them to succeed, most partners will need to see a profit motive.  The eventual split of profits between partners and involved people moves the projects to completion and provides the opportunities for local populations to uplift themselves.

This holiday season, Lord Gibson is urging his fellow philanthropists to become involved in the Kenyan relief effort.  Gibson has been personally involved in efforts for several years through direct donations of supplies, but as the crisis worsens there is the potential for wide spread disaster if more effort is not put in by others.  There are nearly 600,000 refugees in Kenya currently facing displacement due to overcrowding and under funding of the camps they reside in, at which point they would be turned to the streets of urban centers.  Kenya is already overtaxed with regards to supporting its native populations, the additional refugees would cripple the economy.  Become involved today, through any of the organizations like UNICEF that are currently on the ground.

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