Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

The Philanthropic Effort Of Lord Neil Gibson

It is truly a tragedy when a philanthropic effort gets hindered by enemies of progress, and the only ones who actually suffer in those cases are the local people who would have benefited so much from the efforts of the people involved. The nature of philanthropy is that it generally will benefit those on the receiving end and have little to no benefit to the philanthropist other than knowing that positive progress was made. Philanthropy will generally have a difficult time getting large scale projects off the ground due to the necessity of others to be involved with the same level of motivation, and it is rare that those with access to the necessities to get a large-scale project done will want to commit their resources without any payback. This is what makes the philanthropic projects of Lord Neil Gibson and the SEED Foundation so unique. Gibson has figured out a way to make philanthropy profitable for investors. This is also why his efforts are so often attacked and maligned, many times to the disservice of the people who need it.

In Belize Lord Neil Gibson put forth a plan to develop under served areas and construct modern roadways, housing and access to medical facilities. His efforts were met with negativity in the local media due to his contributing to the election campaign of one of his connections, setting off a smear campaign that ultimately made some of the political figures in the area distance themselves from the projects and Gibson. While no evidence of impropriety ever surfaced, the cooperative efforts between the local government and Gibson’s partners that was so crucial to seeing the projects come to fruition have been hindered, and as a result the local people are seeing slow progress in the area. The local press wanted to put Gibson’s motivations into question, and they succeeded at doing not only that but also harming their own population.

Gibson has turned his efforts to Yemen, Syria and Iraq this year, and is meeting with officials of all of these countries to make partnerships that will benefit not only the country and their populations themselves, but also his foreign investment partners. Gibson’s plans insure cooperation from the parts of those with access to technical expertise and capital as there is a profit motivation that makes the projects desirable, and the local government benefits from having overlooked areas be developed into modern and productive hubs. Gibson installs the necessary infrastructures that will allow for manufacturing, mining or some other form of production to happen using a local workforce, then benefits ongoing from the connections to those industries. Investors are paid back for their efforts with profits, and the local populations are given an ability to not only feed their families for a short time, but forever. Allowing development to happen in an undeserved area by installing the basics creates a situation where local money can be made, then reinvested by the population into new areas, thus creating a thriving economy where one did not exist before. Gibson’s plans are to uplift communities, and to make money for his partners while doing it.

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