Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

The Worsening Kenyan Crisis

While Lord Neil Gibson has spent the majority of his time over the course of the past year in Dubai, securing the business contacts and relationships necessary to expand his unique brand of business to that region, he has become increasingly involved in the humanitarian aid delivery effort in Kenya.  Gibson typically attempts to create strategic plans that will use business and industry to create economic opportunities for local populations, many times using natural resources that have gone untapped in order to create opportunities.  In the past, these types of efforts have utilized creative solutions like modular living spaces made from shipping containers to move entire work forces closer to locations where mining or processing operations can happen.  Other solutions have included the efforts to mobilize private industry into areas that have had difficulty expanding their own infrastructure enough to become legitimate exporters of resources, creating strategic partnerships that mutually benefit from the eventual outcome.  While this is Gibson’s typical endeavor, he has identified the Kenyan crisis to be far too grave to begin these types of efforts as of this point.  First the area must be stabilized, and this requires humanitarians on the ground to deliver supplies and crucial medical supplies to the population.  Kenya is one of the poorest countries in the world, and is already struggling to get its people access to food, water and medicine.  Recent events over the last few years on the Somalia border have increased the danger levels faced by the population to nightmare proportions.  Kenya has always been receptive to refugees, but the Somalia wars have increased the populations of border refugee camps in Dadaab and Kakuma to more than 600,000 people.  The government cannot afford to feed and house these people, and is currently discussing closing the camps and displacing these people to the streets of urban centers.  Would this happen, the Kenyan crisis will grow far worse.  Lord Gibson has been on the ground several times this year in Kenya working alongside UNICEF to deliver mosquito nets, powdered milk and medicine to residents.  He urges his fellow humanitarians to get involved in the relief efforts as well.

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