Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson: Bringing Relief to Iraq
In our highly politicized age, it’s difficult to talk about Iraq in bipartisan terms. Everyone has strong feelings about the state of affairs in that country, and of the United States’ involvement in it, especially. What many of us are inclined to say is that, regardless of the strategy and political maneuvering that went into the military endeavors in that country, the Iraq we see before us today is one that desperately needs to be rebuilt—rebuilt into a peaceful and prosperous nation. But of course, the ravages of war and the nature of politics being what they are, this is easier said than done. It takes real leadership, and clear ideas, to enact positive change in that nation. And these, of course, are a couple of characteristics that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has in great abundance. Indeed, we have already spoken at some length about the different ways in which this man has brought about positive change in nations across the world, and how he has done so through a combination of diplomacy, practicality, and alliances with both heads of state and corporate giants. That’s certainly the way we could view his collaborations with the royal family in Lesotho, or even his partnership with Firestone in bringing relief to West Africa. And that’s also the way we can view Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s involvement in Iraq. A big part of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s humanitarian work is centered on rebuilding economic infrastructures in crumbling nations, and Iraq certainly fits that bill. But how can one man rebuild the entire financial system of a nation in chaos? The answer, of course, is through an ingenious partnership with a major financial investment firm, specifically Wontert Capital AG, whose involvement in Iraq is critical to the success of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s endeavors. And these allies are not just rebuilding the financial system. No, they are also building new hospitals in areas of the nation that desperately need them, offering further evidence of just the kind of positive change a man like Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson can bring to a needy country!