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Oftentimes, successful public figures become skewed by the opinions of others. The truth is, beyond his great work with international governments, within the financial sector, and in the humanitarian realm, Lord Neil B Gibson is, simply put, a good man who is striving to make a positive difference in this world. How? By using his talents to create constructive change

•Serving as an ambassador: Named “Ambassador at Large” for West Africa, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has dedicated a great amount of time and energy to collecting, packing, and shipping supplies, such as books, clothes, and computers, into West Africa. He was able to develop his own method of doing so by building a relationship with a local business and partnering with it to facilitate the delivery of these much needed resources

•The question “Who is Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson” may seem to be a straightforward one, and indeed it is. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a humanitarian who is knowledgeable about finances and ready and willing to devote his time and energy to helping make this world a better place

Lord Neil Gibson

Neil B Gibson

SNH inc. Bahamas



Through our management teams we straddle several synergistic business sectors that enable us to achieve superior financial results, while improving the economic and natural environments, as well as the safety and security of our communities

Our primary goal is to improve the social, economic, physical and aesthetic of a given project and in this case the Bahamas Development. This will be accomplished through the implementation of a strategic development plan, which incorporates the following objectives; • Development of open land into their highest and best use potentials • Creation of new business and community job opportunities over a 5 year period.

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Lord Neil Gibson and Erwin Contreras

The history of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras and novice U.D.P. politician Ralph Huang…those three names have dominated social media in recent weeks, intensifying after Huang was elected U.D.P. Standard Bearer in Cayo South.

By all accounts, at least on the internet, Gibson is a fraud posing as a big time investor. By Minister Contreras’ own assertion, Gibson and Huang are valued friends of his, and important investors in any number of projects in Belize. Huang’s political run in Cayo South was financed in large part by Lord Gibson. It’s a complicated, messy triangle – we say messy because even when the Central Bank investigated Gibson’s companies and declared that they could not operate in Belize, Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras intervened to support and defend Gibson.

With the continuous outcry in the social media, we felt that it constituted a pertinent concern, and so it was brought up to the PM at the conference today. Reporter “In terms of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. Since Mister Ralph Huang won his convention, that name has come up as having put quite a bit of money into his campaign. He admitted it. He spoke to Love FM and he said, he admitted.”


Lord Gibson Attends Future Blockchain Summit.
The largest gathering of Blockchain enthusiasts in the world gathered in Dubai’s World Trade Centre on May