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Explanation for the Central Bank Of Belize Warning

Mar. 28, 2014 -BELMOPAN CITY, Belize — Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson discusses interests in Belize, Ralph Huang and ongoing relationships.

With the election of Ralph Huang to the position of Standard Bearer to Cayo South, the internet and Belizean news outlets have exploded with theories regarding his relationship to Las Vegas-based businessman Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, who vocally endorsed Huang through internet postings on both his own websites, YouTube channels and in several online spaces related to Belizean issues. The endorsements were public and transparent.

Lord Neil B Gibson, Ralph Huang, Belize and Las Vegas

Raymond Santopietro of the Las Vegas Internet Business Examiner has posted an article about Lord Neil B. Gibson. From the article: Rarely does political drama play out on an international stage, and it is usually relegated to small, local elections that only the residents of some small town or city would be interested in. Recently Las Vegas and one of it’s residents has been thrust into the international spotlight through the internet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. Lord Neil B Gibson,

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Lord Neil B. Gibson and LNBG Is Pleased To Announce the Addition of James Hadfield to the Board Of Directors.

Las Vegas, NV – July 8th, 2013

LNBG leaders Lord Neil B Gibson and Philip Pritchard are happy to announce the board of director position to James Hadfield an International Business Executive. Mr. Hadfield, Vice Chairman of International Center of Entrepreneurial Development operating in 13 Countries. Mr. Hadfield continues to maintain to present day his international relationship while still a member of the board of directors of ICED..

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Founder of Acquisition Data digital forensics training, service and consulting organization which was created from Mr. Hadfield former United States Secret Service days while working closely with the United States Department of Justice. Mr. Hadfield further has been involved with other (but limited to) domestic and global organizations such as; The Joshua Generation Int’l Network, Sak Arabia, MAFAZ Int’l., Arabian Eagles, Premier Business Group (Egypt), Brazil Asset Management (Brazil) and SFBBL Trust AG (Switzerland) as a Director for the Latin, Central America and Caribbean.

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