Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson – Victim of an Internet Stalker
Lord Neil Gibson is a humanitarian and financier. In the course of his every week he meets all kinds of people – from lobbyists for needy charities to asset holders who have billions of dollars in assets they wish to trade. According to Neil he will get over 400 emails on a standard day. He has 7 meetings a day arranged, and that is when he is not flying from one side of the planet to the other. If you are that busy, every now and again you’ll meet a bad egg. Someone will say they have assets which do not exist or are from a source you’d be better not dealing with. Lord Gibson has several times come across such people, who are often desperate and will go to extreme lengths to pretend that they are real. This may be because they are desperate to get rid of a bad debt or perhaps they have promised unrealistic results to a fellow trader. Unfortunately for Neil, one such ne’er-do-well contacted him. As a result Neil worked with the US authorities to put him away. The man was found guilty and served his time. Alas, when the man got out of jail and tried to pick up the pieces he turned bitter and started pursuing Neil. This resulted in a court case which Neil Gibson won. This victory made the pursuer even bitterer. Lord Neil Gibson spends many hours of his week trying to make the world a better place, so it’s not as if he should put the encounter down to karma. He believes that in fact the Internet is to blame. In the past it was not so easy for anybody to post slanderous comments online in minutes which get acknowledged worldwide in seconds. Internet defamation laws are gradually changing for the better but right now while spending millions on a libel case in London your Internet stalker can be posting thousands of defamatory posts about you online. People are getting better at hiding the trail; using IP address hiders and Internet cafes. So, libel cases are outmoded and a waste of money; especially when your pursuer has spent time in jail and has lost all his money in the process. Lord Neil Gibson is not phased. He knows he is not how the Internet stalker portrays him. Lord Gibson continues to work as a humanitarian and currently presides over billions in assets across three continents. It’s just part of being who he is that one man has decided to write and post loads of tosh about him online.