Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson and Belizean Businessman Ralph Huang Team Up With First Interstate Group
First Interstate Group makes a move. FIG to assit and coordinate a housing project in belize that will provide low cost housing for the Belizean people There is a great need for “tropical storm resilient” housing for the citizens of Belize. Prominent Belizean businessman Ralph Huang has teamed up with First Interstate Group, and Lord Neil B. Gibson.  They have arranged for a 40-acre parcel of land along the western highway to be donated to this project.  The land is valued at approximately $700,000.00 USD. This is all being done with the approval of the Belizean Government. The present need for the independent villages of Belize is self-sustainability.  The housing project will benefit the Belizean people by providing a low cost housing solution for families in need. Each and every family will have a fair chance at the housing through a public lottery system, upon completion of the first project. International donors will be sought out for financial assistance to provide materials for this project. First Interstate Group has committed to match the value of the property with a donation to launch the project. Beginning in early February, Phase 1 will comprise of 10 units with self-sustaining energy sources. Phase 2, 3, and 4 will follow and will be named after each corporate participant. This will also stimulate the local economy and provide job security for the local people offering them a new skill-set that they can utilize for the build-out of the next development. First Interstate Group and Lord Neil B. Gibson are in negotiations with U.S. medical groups to facilitate the addition of a freestanding medical clinic in every village constructed. This not only benefits the village but the residents in the adjacent area. Because of people like Mr. Ralph Huang, who places the importance on being environmentally friendly, and considers the well being of the people in his community, a vision like this one is possible. The hope is that other business leaders in the community will take Mr. Huang’s lead and will offer their assistance, services, and leadership and further construct new villages within the beautiful country of Belize. “Let no family be without shelter.”