Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson: New Airline Service to Lesotho
South African Airways which monopolizes the region and flies regularly between Moshoeshoe International Airport in Lesotho and Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and Twin Peaks have partnered with Magic Mountain Airways to provide a new airline allowing ease and cost effective means of transportation for the people, as well as medivac services to transport those in need of emergency medical care which may not be available at this time in Lesotho. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and Twin Peaks are working in conjunction with Magic Mountain Airways and the government to modernize the international airport which will enable larger jets to land in the country. This will also promote cargo planes as well as commercial planes and private planes. This alliance will allow us to strengthen local businesses and maximize Lesotho’s main exports include ceramics, clothing, inedible crude materials, cut diamonds, footwear & footwear components, furniture, miscellaneous manufactured goods and wool. The main imports include cereals, electricity, food ingredients, machinery, medicines, miscellaneous manufactured goods, oil products and petroleum products. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and Twin Peaks will enable small businesses to take loans at low interest rates to enhance business ventures. We are working in conjunction with the Central Bank of Lesotho to fund any and all projects.