Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson’s Work in Lesotho
If given a map of the world, how long do you think it would take you to locate the Kingdom of Lesotho? Geography buffs could find it in a matter of seconds, most likely, but anyone who isn’t rigorous in their knowledge of our world’s political systems would doubtless find it tough to spot. That’s because, for one thing, Lesotho is very tiny. And for another, it is actually located squarely inside of another nation—specifically, South Africa. The Kingdom of Lesotho may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also a very complex state, with its own complex set of problems, including a crumbling economy that, until very recently, seemed almost beyond help. But help arrived just in the nick of time, and, as you might imagine by now, it arrived in the form of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. By now we have made a few things quite clear about Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. For starters, we have made it known that he travels to many different nations—including not just bustling economies like Hong Kong, but also impoverished regions in West Africa, and yes, Lesotho as well. We have made it known that he extends to these nations goodwill, and that he has a knack for problem solving. And we have made it clear that a big part of what makes Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson so effective is the way in which he is able to form meaningful relationships that yield potent results—for instance, his relationship with the Firestone Tire Company, which made a lot of his humanitarian efforts in West Africa possible. And so it is in Lesotho. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson struck up meaningful connections with the government there, and has even worked very closely with the king and his brother. What he has done, basically, is secure the ability to work with the Twin Peaks Investment group to rebuild Lesotho’s economic infrastructure, effectively bringing a new lease on life to this troubled nation. It’s a great example of the ordinary means—an equally profitable business venture, and a relationship with the governing body—through which a man like Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson can make an immense difference in the world around him.