Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson and the SEED Foundation – What Can It Do?
The SEED acts as a bridge between issues, introducing business solutions at the highest possible level under the best possible conditions. Each project requires individualized chemistry and planning. In essence, SEED finds the right company for each job. Each government imposes certain restraints and concerns that restrict the reach of foreign businesses within the country usually mire projects in gross inefficiency and prohibit the extension of full benefits to those in need. By thoroughly analyzing each project with respect to individual needs and official preferences, SEED eludes many barriers that delay or compromise activity. Countries have an inherent responsibility to provide for their people. Many times, the introduction of a particular business entity might benefit only a specific part of the citizenry, perhaps even at the expense of the remaining. Taxes used to assuage the cost for some may endanger the economic well being of others. Possible strains on the environment must be taken into consideration as well. The country, responsible to solve potential problems that may result from the activity, is now compelled to delay authorization to the business until the possible repercussions have been remedied. The enterprise is now faced with added cost, planning and time before business can begin, if business is to take place at all. What is needed is a control conduit that everyone can feel comfortable with that both ensures the best possible outcome for the country and its people while affording proper care and consideration to the normal running business of the country and the contracted outside corporation.