Lord Neil Benjamin
The SEED foundation and Lord Neil B Gibson
Stability Education Economic Development = S.E.E.D. For many years there has been a need for a special type of cooperation between concerned people in the business, finance, economics and government communities. They were worried about how to make jobs, expand business soundly, increase economic activity and at the same time were greatly concerned about the effects this could cause. More jobs sound good but what about the training needed for these new jobs. Would this expansion be creating a specific new class of worker that could be adapted from the existing work force? The finance community was worried about the load that increased need for finance for the new business expansion would place on other sectors. Sometimes in a booming economy people spend rather than save, this cutting into the amount of funds available for business lending. The cost of finance sometimes goes up in an attempt to control needless borrowing while at the same time this can effect the costs of goods or services making some of them outside of the reach of even the average earner. There were also new concerns with the effects of this expansion on the environment. How do you allow for business to expand using more raw materials and natural resources and keep those materials still available to the population at large? More factories, more cars, more energy generation all spell problems for air, water and living quality. There is no easy answer. Certainly there are answers somewhere, but how does a business, a concerned business, find those answers? The SEED is one of those places. When you have enough people who have a broad enough experience that are willing to share for the common good and at the same time actually allow for their own businesses to flourish you have one of the major answers to the world condition. You have amassed the raw material for constructing a bridge that all businesses and people can traverse together that will be built together to span common problems. When you have the ability and access to capital enhancement and retention through proper fiscal management you have a safety factor. This safety factor is something that individual companies and businesses spend years and dollars to develop. The SEED brings that experience to the table to be joined with the new ideas and applications of the ever-changing world conditions. This access to shared experience and fiscal stability melded together becomes the safety net. With the world shrinking every day new products and technologies developing by the hour this organization will make those facts known to its membership in a manner where both provider and user benefit. World trade is no longer something that effects only those directly involved, it affects us all. It brings a wider range of options for whatever we might want to do or buy; use or desire; or make or sell. So if an organization is truly going to serve the business community, it must be able to serve it on an international basis. Marketplaces are growing and so is the need for an organization that tends to those needs. The days of business people expecting their governments to provide them with more at the expense of their individuality are dwindling. The calls today are more along the line of, “I know what I can do, I just need the chance without hindrance.” The SEED gives that chance to learn about and actually expand in the international marketplace, all of this done while supporting the need for local domestic expansion as well. Homes manufactured in Nebraska can be sold to people in Poland. Concrete made from volcanic ash in the Philippines can find its way to Africa. This project steered by someone from Germany working for a Canadian Company. The SEED, businesses working together to expand their own economies while strengthening others around the world with the support of sound fiscal practices.