Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson Partners with CTG
C. Trade Group of Companies (CTG) is working with partner Lord Neil B. Gibson on Coates International , Ltd. (Stock Symbol COTE) www.coatesengine.com. Lord Gibson is a 30% participating partner in our joint operations, Nick Kontonicolas is a key director and partner in Handels Securities, Limited. CTG is arranging for a $30,000,000 letter of credit which will act as a guaranty for the construction of spherical valve engine head technology.  This technology allows for the use of natural gas to power generators which then create low cost electricity on-site, to be sold to the electrical grid. Because of the current low price of natural gas, we are uniquely positioned to invigorate existing gas fields and create profit. Existing projects that were started when gas prices were high no longer make economic sense. With our generators, these properties are now able to be profitable. These generators are more effective because they do not use traditional valves which cannot be used with natural gas (no lubrication). Our patented technology uses spherical heads with only two moving parts - a significant difference from traditional engine heads which can have more than 350 moving parts.  Existing generators are working and prepared for field deployment immediately. Coates International Ltd. is a New Jersey based precision engineering company specializing in the development of technologies that evolve the standard combustion engine with the objectives of dramatically improving fuel efficiency and power generation, and reducing harmful emissions and long-term maintenance costs.