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Lord Neil B. Gibson and Architect Mark Petsch Unveils Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition Master Plan
(Las Vegas, NV – July 8th, 2013) Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition a Nevada corporation (www.saberupa.com) is pleased to announce the unveiling of new state of the art ammunition manufacturing facility Master Plan. Mark Petsch and the Vedelago-Petsch firm are doing a terrific job developing our ideas and technologies that make up SUPA cited Gary Stanco, President of Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition (SUPA). Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition (a subsidiary company of LNBG, LLC) plans to construct a 40,000+ square foot manufacturing facility to handle its munitions orders. The new campus is to include a Research & Development facility, an advanced technology prototyping and fabrication center, and a multi-million dollar Tactical & Firearms Training Center that includes special capabilities training, various close protection training facilities for federal employees, law enforcement, and contractors, and both indoor and outdoor firing ranges to be designed by a global firearms champion to be announced shortly.Stay tuned for dates to come and see the property cites LNBG leaders Lord Neil B Gibson and Philip Pritchard. Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition (SUPA) Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition (a subsidiary of LNBG, LLC) is a innovative high-volume manufacturing manufacturer with highly precise automated assembly and proprietary high speed intelligent machine inspection systems to assure meeting absolutely exact specifications, piece after piece, in high volume, cost effectively. Servicing both military and recreational standard clientele. Vedelago-Petsch Architects (AIA) www.vpa-lv.com Vedelago-Petsch (VPA) is a full service design firm located in Henderson, Nevada. Partners Todd Vedelago and Mark Petsch share a combined work experience of over 48-years in designs, management and execution of various type buildings and projects. Contact Architect Mark Petsch at mpetsch@vpa-lv.com or (702) 951-0300 LNBG, LLC (www.lnbgllc.com) Is a privately held US-based company that operates domestically and overseas in global markets. We create, develop, own, and manage our projects, programs, and acquisitions as well as provide contract management expertise and advisory services.LNBG straddle several synergistic business sectors that enable us to achieve superior financial results while improving the economic and natural environments as well as the safety and security of our communities. We search for opportunities with outstanding potential that encompasses energy & infrastructure, real estate, and technology investments; building competitive profitable enterprises consonant with our values. Contact: Saber Ultra Precision Ammunition Gary Stanco, CEO/President (702) 274-6447 Cautionary Statement Certain statements contained in this press release are forwarding statements within the meaning of the private securities litigation reform act of 1995. These statements are not guaranties of future performance and actual results may differ materially from those forecasted.