Lord Neil Benjamin
Today the people of Cayo South spoke, Ralph Huang wins his place with the party
headerPhoto1Today the people of Cayo South spoke. Ralph Huang, the newest candidate for the United Democratic Party won his place with the party. The convention was held at the community centre in Roaring Creek, just outside the Capital City of Belmopan. One of the largest turn outs of voters in this constituency had their voices heard today. For the last few months Ralph has campaigned in all of the 13 villages and rural areas of Cayo South. photo1Voting began at 9 am this morning and was finished at 5 pm. The constituents braved the +90 degree weather today coming in from all areas. Volunteers working for Ralph were ecstatic with the results. They BOASTED "Finally we have a candidate that can make a difference for the people"  Other comments were made by the voters and he was branded the,"Golden Child of the People", Ralph is now in a position to assist the people of his constituency and the people of Belize.  With the Federal election estimated to be less than 4 years away, this gives Ralph time to show his new constituents what he can do for them. Ralph, with the help of Lord Neil Gibson and LNBG LLC, was already building roads and doing his part well before the convention. Now he can do even more. photo2Ralph's only comment was " We Won!". Ralph has been campaigning for the past few months, sometimes 18 hours a day with little rest. His slogan was always "This Ralph is for Real", he just proved his point and now can help the people. Unofficial tallys have the voting at more than 1,300 votes for Ralph, the next candidate getting 700, and the final candidate coming in with 80. The people have spoken. Ralph now awaits his appointment as Minister to the Belize Government.