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Project Renderings

The Rock River Revitalization (RRR) is dedicated to the redevelopment of the Downtown River District in Rockford, Illinois. RRR program consist of the revitalization of a 5+ city block area of abandoned, unproductive and environmentally riddled buildings. The vision is to revive the area with a “City within a City” concept that will attract community activities, sports, entertainment, hotels, and business centers, cornerstone by a new renewable energy and smart building infrastructure that will support the growth area.

RRR will execute an ultra clean alternative energy and smart building infrastructure that will be the foundation for the growth area. The creation will execute the revival of the areas with urban lifestyle. The development includes a semi-high speed passenger’s railway from the RRR complex to (2) major international airports to downtown City of Chicago and back to the development. The overall project create 10,000 new job for the area community as well as a massive economic impact to municipal revenues for the next 20-years brought specifically through RRR’s ability to bring in new tourism, new urban living to a distressed area, entertainment venues and attractions.


$400,000,000 Funding In Place For RRR Development

RRR Development Opens Escrow