Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson – Ambassador of Goodwill
The phrase “goodwill ambassador” is one that is often applied to movie stars and other celebrities, who, for whatever reason, become known for their positive political actions or their movements toward social change. The title is not just ceremonial, exactly, but nor does it indicate real, political power. It represents good intentions, and is not to be taken lightly, but those who have this title do not necessarily do much in a real-world, practical sense. Their role is largely to draw attention to worthy causes. By contrast, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is anything but a mere “goodwill ambassador”—though to be sure, he was and is an ambassador who works on foreign soil motivated by nothing but goodwill—and, in return, he shores up goodwill on behalf of himself and his country. But what were the specifics of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s work as an ambassador—and what kind of good was he able to do for those in need? Here’s a quick rundown of the pertinent facts: Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was appointed as Ambassador at Large to West Africa from 1998-2000, and he served his term with aplomb. He is still regarded very highly for his positive efforts in enacting real, effective social change in areas that were financially destitute and plagued by political corruption. He went into schools throughout the State of California and collected books, school supplies, clothing, and even computer equipment, all to be donated to the neediest communities in West Africa. Then, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson—in a stroke of true diplomatic genius—struck a partnership with the Firestone Tire Company, which happens to have a sprawling rubber plantation in Liberia. Firestone would ship their large quantities of rubber to the United States in enormous shipping containers; once emptied, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson arranged for those containers to be filled with the supplies he has collected, and then sent back to Africa! As you can see, this is a man who knows how to concoct practical yet ingenious solutions to what might seem at first like very daunting problems—and in so doing, he changed a lot of communities and touched a lot of lives, one shipping container at a time!