Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson’s Exploits Around the Globe!
Obviously, when you have a title like Ambassador at Large and a reputation for bringing humanitarian relief to nations as divergent as Hong Kong and Iraq, to say nothing of ravaged areas like New Orleans, it should come as no big surprise to learn that you’re plenty busy, and that you have different projects going on in many different nations. Certainly, this is the case with Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, a man whose ability to bring humanitarian aid to a needy nation is the result of his pragmatic approach, his many powerful alliances, and, more than anything, his refusal to give up or settle for a sub-par solution. We have already addressed some of the global endeavors of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson. We talked about the amazing work he did as Ambassador at Large to West Africa, about his relief work in New Orleans, about his financial rebuilding in Lesotho, even his hospital construction in Iraq. But of course, we could go on and on. Here are just a few more of the many areas in which Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been involved: Currently, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is hard at work in Central America—specifically, in the nation of Belize. He is working alongside the government of Belize to build a road, one leading from the port in Belize into the nation of Guatemala, something much-needed in that area. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is currently aligned with the government of South Africa to bring special events—like boxing matches—to that nation, and to promote them, something that will stimulate the local economy in many different ways. Additionally, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is in talks with a California film studio to launch a production company in Belize! Finally, we might mention that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is seeking to purchase a diamond mine in South Africa, one he would surely manage and promote in such a way as to be immensely beneficial to the local economy. Clearly, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a busy man, and he’s busy doing truly important work—helping those in need and bringing economic relief to areas in dire need.