Lord Neil Benjamin
Can Lord Neil B Gibson Change the World One Shipping Container at a Time?
Becoming a successful humanitarian is something that takes a great deal of creativity. Every person and organization in the world seems to be short on resources, especially when it comes to sharing their excess, so Lord Neil B Gibson and other philanthropic leaders must always think outside of the box in order to create the greatest amount of good that they can. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was involved in a very creative and unique philanthropic initiative. From 1998 to 2000, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was an Ambassador at Large to West Africa. To better serve this region, he began scouting for ways to improve the conditions in the countries of this part of the continent. Firestone Tire Company, which is a very well-known brand name in the United States, has a billion acre rubber plantation in Liberia, which Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson used to the advantage of West Africa. After discussing his plan with the leaders of Firestone Tire Company, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was granted permission to utilize the empty shipping containers that were transported to Liberia to send humanitarian resources. So, the shipping containers would arrive in the United States filled with rubber, Firestone Tire Company emptied them, and then Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was responsible for filling them with all sorts of supplies and then shipping them back to the rubber plantation. Before the shipping containers were filled, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson worked closely with California schools to collect books, computer equipment, and clothing for those in need in West Africa. He appealed to many people in the community to help him collect the supplies needed to fill the shipping containers, and through his hard work these containers were indeed shipped, full, back to West Africa. This is the kind of resourcefulness that a truly great humanitarian project needs to get off the ground. By approaching the project from a unique angle and setting up a very creative solution, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was able to contribute to the development of a successful humanitarian initiative. Throughout the years, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has lent his resourceful thinking to a variety of projects around the world. His creativity and readiness to jump into any philanthropic cause that he believes in makes him a wonderful asset to many organizations.