Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson: Working with Royalty
Between 2008 and 2011, Lord Neil B Gibson visited the Kingdom of Lesotho is South Africa. Naturally, he interacted with the Kingdom’s residents and eventually forged a relationship with the members of the royal family, including Prince Seeiso and his brother, the King of Lesotho. During his visit, he secured the chance to help the royal family and the residents of the Kingdom by rebuilding the infrastructure within the community. To help Lesotho, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson enlisted the aid of Twin Peaks Investment Group, which was created to work on the economic growth of the Kingdom of Lesotho. Twin Peaks Investment Group has three main goals:
  • To improve the transportation options in the country.
  • To enhance the ability of the people of the country to use its natural resources.
  • To create a higher standard of living.
Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson immediately recognized the potential of Lesotho, which is a beautiful country that has a great deal of natural resources at hand. From a thriving mining industry to a relatively large volume of water, the land of Lesotho is one of the country’s most valuable assets. In fact, approximately 50 percent of the country’s residents earn an income through agricultural work or the raising of animals. Through his work with the royal family and Twin Peaks Investment Group, Lord Neal Gibson was able to contribute to the development of several key initiatives. The textile industry already had a presence in the country of Lesotho when Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson came on the scene, but its investments in the Kingdom were contingent upon temporary trade initiatives. To keep the investments long-term, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson knew that changes would need to be made. The main improvements that were necessary include:
  • Improving Lesotho’s access to other markets.
  • Further developing the country’s industries, most notably agriculture, manufacturing, and service.
  • Increasing the productivity of workers and improving their ability to complete their work efficiently.
  • Refining the investment opportunities.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Improving the infrastructure, allowing for safer and more efficient transportation and trade.
The Kingdom of Lesotho is a beautiful country that is still growing. Thanks in part to Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, the citizens have a brighter future and a more stable infrastructure on which to base their mounting economy.