Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson in the U.S.A.!
A world traveler, ambassador of humanitarianism and goodwill, and a true global citizen, Lord Neil B Gibson has lent his considerable problem-solving, relief-bringing, and alliance-forming prowess to a number of nations all over the world. We have talked about some of them already. We talked about the amazing work he did when he was appointed as Ambassador at Large to West Africa, partnering with Firestone Tire Company to provide relief and much-needed supplies to nations in ruin. We talked about how he is helping to rebuild the economic infrastructure in Lesotho, and how he is doing much the same thing, as well as building hospitals, in Iraq. And of course, we have also discussed his travels to places as varied as Western Europe and Hong Kong. But what might surprise you, at first blush, is that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has also lent his services to folks in America. This might be surprising only because we typically do not think of America as having the same kinds of basic needs as somewhere like, say, war-ravaged Iraq, or tiny Lesotho. And yet, when you pause for a moment to consider recent events and current crises that America faces, it quickly becomes apparent that the expertise and humanitarian efforts of a man like Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson might actually come in handy. Is there a particular area that needs assistance? Why, the City of New Orleans serves as a prime example. You probably know that there have been many charities and organizations to take on the challenge of rebuilding this city in the wake of Katrina, and you probably also know that these efforts are ongoing, and that there is still much work to be done. What you might not know is that Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been integral in some of these ongoing efforts. Indeed, in recent years Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has met with high-ranking Louisiana officials and opened many doors for bringing public and private funding into the city—work that is essential for ensuring that this city continues to find its footing. All of this serves, quite simply, as further proof of the kind of impact Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has in needy regions throughout the world—including those in our own back yard!