Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson: Humanitarian Timeline
Lord Neil B Gibson is a man with a reputation—specifically, a reputation as someone keen on extending goodwill and bringing humanitarian aid to troubled nations that really need it. The extent of his ambassadorial work and humanitarian relief efforts is so vast, however, that it can be a bit daunting just trying to keep up with it all. To simplify matters, and make things a little easier, it might make sense to view these matters chronologically, addressing the different phases of Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson’s humanitarian career on a year-by-year basis. The following timeline is by no means complete, but does highlight some of the most important era of his earliest days as an ambassador and humanitarian. 1998-2000. This is the era we have already mentioned on a previous page, the stage at which Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was appointed Ambassador at Large to West Africa. In this role he worked tirelessly to bring much-needed supplies to impoverished communities. He raised support and collected supplies, clothing items, and books at California schools, and shipped them back to Africa in empty shipping containers, all thanks to a partnership with the Firestone Tire Company! 2000-2004. During these years, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson was appointed Honorary Consul General to Liberia, and was charged by the British Foreign Commonwealth Office with distribute aid to those in need throughout West Africa. 2004-2007. During this time, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson traveled the world and formed meaningful partnerships and alliances. His travels took him to such areas as South America, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and various parts of Asia. He formed lasting connections with different businesses in the financial sector, and sowed the seeds for partnerships that would pay off huge dividends in the long run. In 2008, he obtained his lordship—which does not indicate that he is a member of the British parliament, mind you, but at least offers some indication that he is an upstanding citizen! And ever since then, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has been forming connections and enacting positive social change in nations all over the world. We will talk more in depth about many of these opportunities, but for now, suffice to say that he is not just a citizen in good standing in his native Britain; he is a true citizen of the world, and he takes that responsibility very seriously indeed.