Lord Neil Benjamin
What is Lord Neil B Gibson Doing in South Africa?
Like many other sports fans, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is interested in professional boxing; however, he is interested in it on a deeper level than other fans may even realize exists. You see, professional boxing is not just a sport that provides entertainment for its fans—it is an economic tool that South Africa can use to grow its economy and get into the international sporting arena. Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson has teamed up with the government of South Africa to stimulate the growth of professional boxing in the country. To do so, he has created Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson LLC, which is a company that promotes and manages boxing events with South Africa while seeking to expand the professional boxing market and the careers of the up and coming boxers within the country. South Africa has shown out some very talented athletes in this arena, including Gerrie Coetzee, Baby Jake, Dingaan Thombela, and Francois Botha. The potential of the talent coming out of this country is indeed very high, and Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is working to ensure that he can do everything in his power to give these athletes a chance to make it on the international stage. The success of the 2010 World Cup shows that South Africa has developed its economy and infrastructure to the point where it can shoulder the weight of large-scale athletic events—Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is simply guiding the boxing industry in the right direction. The mission of LNBG LLC is threefold:
  • To promote and manage a variety of professional boxing events.
  • To produce entertainment related to the sport, particularly television shows.
  • To encourage and facilitate amateur boxing in an effort to grow the talent pool and expand South Africa’s presence in the international boxing arena.
Lord Neil B. Gibson is certainly taking a new angle on the sport, and his ability to successfully manage a variety of events and clients ensures that his efforts will succeed. From guiding the careers of individual boxers to hosting large events and coordinating legendary boxing matches, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, if anyone, is capable of developing the South African boxing industry.