Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson and the World
When you encounter someone with the word “Lord” in front of their name, you probably don’t immediately assume them to be a great humanitarian. Indeed, your first thought might be that the person is some stuffy aristocrat, or a pompous royal figure. What you should know about Lord Neil Gibson from the very get-go is that neither of these things apply to him; actually, he earned his title simply through a land purchase, not because he was born into royalty or because he serves in Parliament. He is not some stuffy or stuck-up social climber, either; no, his priorities lie in far more important areas than that. In fact, Lord Neil Gibson is someone who is known, first and foremost, for his work helping those in need. Consider, if you will, just a few points from his resume:
  • For a couple of years, Lord Neil Gibson served as the Ambassador at Large in West Africa, where he enacted a rather ingenious plan to bring relief items to those who needed them most. This came about both through his own savvy sense of diplomacy and his problem-solving skills—as well as a keen partnership with Firestone Tire Company!
  • Lord Neil Gibson has also done much to help in the ongoing efforts to rebuild Iraq; specifically, he is involved in endeavors to rebuild the economy and to build new hospitals.
  • Lord Neil Gibson has done much work to bring funds and relief efforts to the still-struggling New Orleans.
  • He is currently working alongside government officials in Belize to bring an important new trade road there.
  • He has helped the struggling nation of Lesotho to rebuild its economy.
In those bullet points we see not the entirety of Lord Neil Gibson’s career, but certainly the important character traits that make him who he is—namely, an ability to form key alliances, and a resolution to help those in need, no matter what part of the globe they’re found on!