Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B Gibson’s Adventures Around the World
Earlier in our discussion of Lord Neil Gibson, we mentioned some of the different areas in which he had brought humanitarian efforts—and what you might have noticed, and were perhaps even a little shocked by, was that he has made a huge positive impact not just in one part of the world, but on five different continents and a seemingly endless list of nations! It’s impressive that he has even been to all these places; that he has, in fact, radically changed many of them is downright staggering. But it is nevertheless true. Lord Neil Gibson is most widely known, perhaps, for his work as the Ambassador at Large in West Africa, where his brilliant collaboration with Firestone led to incredible relief efforts throughout the region. Many others know him for his work in Iraq, or even his local endeavors, such as his fundraising in New Orleans. But even here, we have not yet reached the tip of the iceberg. Just consider some of these other global adventures of Lord Neil Gibson: Right now, Lord Neil Gibson is hard at work in Central America—specifically, in the country of Belize. He is working with the government of this nation to build a trade road, one leading from the port in Belize into the nation of Guatemala, something much-needed in that area for a good long while now. Lord Neil Gibson is currently allied with the government of South Africa to bring special entertainment events—like boxing matches—to that nation, something that will stimulate the local economy in many different ways. Furthermore, Lord Neil Gibson is in talks with a California film studio to launch a production company in Belize! Additionally, we might mention that Lord Neil Gibson is seeking to purchase a diamond mine in South Africa, one he would surely oversee in such a way as to be highly beneficial to the local economy. And of course, that’s still not the full list—but it is, most assuredly, further evidence that his role as an ambassador of humanitarian goodwill is by no means confined to any particular area!