Lord Neil Benjamin
Bullriding In Belize and Lord Neil B Gibson?
Most recently, from deep down in the beautiful Caribbean country of Belize, the wheels are in motion to put on the world's very first, and what could be the last, professional Bullriding event in Belize. Lord Neil B. Gibson and First Interstate Group are currently in discussions and planning for this stellar Event. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Belize Housing Project and the construction of a new hospital in the goal is to draw 10,000 people for the event over 3 days. Fans are said to come to Belize from all over the world for this incredible event. With such a big draw, organizers are expecting to fuel and stimulate tourism and the economy of Belize. Every one of the three days, there will be professional Bullriding with 100 plus bullriders per day. A total of $100,000.00 prize money will be up for grabs. $50,000.00 will be paid out in day monies and a Sunday evening Top 10 Ride off will provide the best Bullrider with a Check for $50,000.00. Along with the End of the World Bullriding, there will be special events such as the freestyle Bullfight. Mexican fighting bulls will be specially brought in for this event. The bull is not killed in this bullfight. The only one at risk is the Bullfighter. He must play with the bull for a minimum of 60 seconds, making contact with the bull as much as possible without getting hit by the bull. Judges score him based on this. Another event will be Cowboy Poker. Six entrants will be seated in chairs at a poker table and given a deck of cards. They will begin to deal the cards and at that time a raging bull will be turned loose in the arena. The last man still seated at the table will receive the prize money for the day, totalling $500.00. This event always keeps you on the edge of your seat and provides many laughs, chills and thrills. Another event will be the Wild and Wooly. This is where all of the entrants are 5 years old and younger. They will be given a chance to ride a sheep. All our contestants in this event will be given prizes. The organizers tell us that there will also be some special guests appearing at the EOW Bullriding. Gary Leffew, many times World Champion Bullrider and teacher of many, has agreed to show up at the event. Gary has been in movies such as Pink Cadillac with Clint Eastwood to Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass movie series. The one time representative of Bulls Eye BBQ sauce says he is looking forward to coming to Belize and has heard many good things about the people here. Along with all the sporting and special events of each of the 3 nights will be a special concert each night. Three bands are slated to appear on Friday and Saturday night with a 5 band grand finale on Sunday. Musicians will be coming from Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, and of course Belize. Finishing off each night will be a fireworks show so be sure to come one, come all. Watch some of the greatest entertainers in the world, some of the greatest musicians in the world and watch the End of the World in the Caribbean, home of the Mayans where the 2012 prophecy began. Tickets will be on sale in September of 2012 and will start at $30.00 for Friday and Saturday with a ticket price of $50.00 for the Sunday Grand Finale. Packages and Discounts are being offered at sponsor Resorts and Hotels.