Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil B. Gibson and the SEED Foundation
LORD NEIL B. GIBSON has always felt, if you impact the children of the world in need, in any region in a postitive way, that this can impact and have a direct result to a better future. Many times, these children have no voice in their circumstance or condition of existence. They are the first victims of disease and famine and usually the last people listened to. We believe that the best way to protect the children, is to provide the best possible living conditions for their families. This means housing, food, medicine, education and jobs for their parents. Since 1998, our founders have been working with an entity of international stature as public affairs advisor and fundraiser. In the course of this relationship, access to certain project funding mechanisms have been realized. Accesses to these mechanisms are available only as an accommodation for philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. The results have led to successful conferences and the real potential to achieve reduction of sovereign debt at the World Development Bank through a specific applied structure. There are those who would say that this is not something new, everybody wants to do this and many have attempted, countless times in the past. Our response is: 1. What have you done? What do you think you can do? How can we help you do it? There is no journey that can ever begin without that first step in helping children, one has to help them at their level. “No man ever stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child,” This caption appeared on a drawing that was entered into a local contest of a tv personality, back in the late 1950’s. The contest asked you to use a 4 to create your drawing; the drawing could have been of anything. The particular entry showed a man, bending down to put his arm around the shoulder of a boy, as they stood on a hill overlooking the city. The view was from behind, this way there would be no identity to the man or the child being helped. They symbolized all men (adults) and all children, the drawing used the required 4 approximately 900 times, the entrant was an 11 year old boy, he won first place, a unicycle. The illustration went on to become the poster of choice for the Boston Area Big Brother Association, and appeared all over the city. The winner never did master the unicycle, but did begin to realize the importance of taking something very simple and turning it into a tool. This tool could be used to demonstrate something of importance in a simple way that made sense and had an immediate impact. It also showed that the rewards you might receive for your efforts are really unimportant, you might not be able to use them, what is important is the job done and the results of that job. How many men saw that poster and realized they could do something as simple as show the city to a fatherless boy and make a difference? How many people in general realized what little it took to help a child and became involved? How many of those children who received help and were shown the city went on to help others, as they grew older? LORD NEIL BENJAMIN GIBSON is committed to helping children and not being afraid to get to their level to do it and is ready. As the man in the picture, to do so without the necessity to be recognized. Our purpose is the distribution of funds for recognized philanthropic and humanitarian organizations and projects. The Alder “Key” - a magic amulet written about by Sir Walter Scott that could only be used for good. When this amulet was passed through plain water it turned that water into a magic potion that could only be used by the person it was intended and for that specific purpose. Anyone else drinking of the water would get no effect. The water appeared, as it was clear and plain. Our planet is over 70% water, making it one of the most abundant and the most important elements of life. When we were searching for a “Key” for our organization we could find no better because what we do in many people’s eyes is magic. Our preferred position is out of sight, behind the scenes making things happen and our reward is seeing it happen.